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Patch Notes - 13th June 2015

13 Jun 2015

Posted by Waverunner in Patch Notes


Greetings Galaxy,

These are the latest developmental changes on the Holocore currently available on Project SWG's Test Server as of June 13, 2015. For more information and discussion about Project SWG's open source development: Development Discussion. The goal of this publication is an overview.

The following changes have been pushed to the Test Center:
Character Creation

  • Changed CharacterCreationRestriction to allow unlimited character creation
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the same player from using their own locked name
  • SWGNameGenerator no longer throws an error on null NameFilter


  • Added MapService along with temporary locations for Tatooine cities
  • Added the rest of the object templates that have map markers to map_locations.iff
  • Creating waypoints through planetary map will now try to set the color if appropriate and will no longer produce an error when requesting on city icons
  • Disabled waypoint color setting by id in RequestWaypointCmdCallback until fix is ready
  • Fixed CORE-84 for datapad button and command
  • Fixed wrong location for theed
  • Map locations are now named properly
  • MapService now loads static city locations through Datatable IFF
  • Triggering single waypoint per planet checkbox no longer renames waypoints created from "New Waypoint" button in datapad
  • Updated city map locations
  • Waypoints no longer disappear at 200m


  • Added waypoint limit when creating
  • Added buildout load range to the awareness, capped at 1024m
  • Enabled buildouts in nge.cfg
  • Fixed buildout crash with ResourceContainerObject baselines being wrong
  • Implemented CORE-124 'Now loads all buildouts'

Login / Zone-in

  • Added commit history now shown to players upon zone-in
  • Added logging to ObjectManager in case the player is ever null
  • Fixed commit history is now cached upon initialisation of ZoneService
  • Fixed players getting removed from the players list on a re-zone
  • Fixed some LD/disappear issues coming from the ConnectionService
  • Fixed minor issue where SessionRequests weren't sent to the ZoneService
  • Properly removed old players when new ones connect in ConnectionService
  • Removed players from ConnectionService as soon as they are disconnected
  • Removed character from object awareness when disappearing and adding when zoning in
  • Renamed ZoneInIntent to RequestZoneInIntent to avoid confusion


  • Added cell labels for showing labels on the minimap
  • Added missing import statement for PostureUpdate
  • Added WorldSnapshotData to ClientFactory
  • Added WorldSnapshotData class
  • Added new SWGBitSet collection for bitmask lists
  • Added handling of option flags, fixes HAM bars showing on static objects
  • Added config option to disable the preloading of the scripts
  • Added JGit library and dependencies to the classpath
  • Added two additional config files and moved them into a cfg/ directory
  • Added null target check for setting a waypoint's active status
  • Added debug parameter to server command, for basic testing
  • Added an additional function to ObjectManager to allow creating objects without adding them to awareness
  • Added baselines for GroupObject and minor location improvement for /waypoint command
  • Added new FIRST_ZONE enum to PlayerEvent for distinguishing between switching initial logins and planet/area switching
  • Added a WeatherType enum
  • Added the ServerWeatherMessage packet
  • Changed ServerWeatherMessage to use the ByteBuffer methods from Packet
  • Created WeatherService, which will introduce dynamic weather to each terrain
  • Fixed a crash by un-equipping and then re-equipping an item
  • Fixed awareness issue where range was set to about 4.5m by default
  • Fixed deltas not sending if owner was not defined
  • Fixed awareness bug
  • Fixed SWGList and SWGMap sending excessive data after a delta and then relogging, which often lead to a "blue ghost" for equipment
  • Fixed modification exception being thrown when destroying items within a container
  • Fixed a lot of SWGList issues that could lead to a crash
  • Fixed container and slot volume size logic checks and moved AFK to a script
  • Fixed baselines for Intangible objects not being sent properly and made a minor improvement to encode method in SWGList and SWGMap
  • Fixed owner being set for newly created PlayerObject causing issues in the long run
  • Fixed LoginService to only show characters on current galaxy
  • Fixed issue where players would not disappear after logging out
  • Fixed warning messages
  • Fixed import error for afk toggle script
  • Fixed container objects baselines not being sent, caused due to a prior commit
  • Improved QuadTree to be more efficient with spatial searching and insertion
  • Optimized WorldSnapshotData to use LinkedList instead of ArrayList
  • Re-did the baseline system to keep track of object type
  • Reduced the stuttering from player movement, should be a bit more fluid now.
  • Refactored ClientFactory to be used statically
  • Refactored scripts to execute much faster than they have been
  • Refactored container permissions
  • Refactored SWGList's data building techniques so the element list and data list will always be reflective of each other
  • Removed indexing variable from SWGList as all lists have indexes and added JavaDoc to SWGList class
  • Removed extra comments and print statement.
  • sendUpdatedContainment is no longer attempted to be sent if the object has a null parent
  • SWGList now sends a proper remove method and no longer send duplicated deltas which could lead to a crash
  • Updated SWGList javadoc
  • UpdateContainmentMessage is sent even if parent is null
  • Updated ClientFactory for /serverdata/ folder
  • Updated baselines with unknown variables
  • Updated reading data from IFF templates and added optionsBitmask variable to TangibleObject
  • Warning cleanup for SWGList

=> Holocore Bitbucket repository

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