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Meet the Developers!

31 Aug 2015

Posted by Syvesh in Community Updates


Greetings Community,


As an effort to establish a better link of communication to the community, the ProjectSWG team has come together to introduce prominent team members officially to the community. We are beginning with the Developers, and the next post will feature the Community Team. We all agree that this is a good step to help you all understand the people behind the project.


With that said, we're glad to introduce the Developers working on resurrecting the Galaxy we all know and love!



Waverunner - Waverunner here! 

I joined the team back around 2013 as Technical Support when the position was first announced. I applied and wasn't expecting to make it, but I made it. All I did was post in the BGG forums too and await bans. As TSR Waverunner I waited patiently for Core2 to come along and since it was open source I decided to try and get my feet wet. Beyond some simple modding experience, nothing more than XML, I had no idea what I was doing. With persistence though I managed to create a ton of awesome stuff in Core2 and actually learned programming. Obique rejoining the team was a god-send at the time and we finally got going with a third new core with a ton of pre-planning internally between him and I through our shared experiences of what went wrong and what to do better.

I'm now a full blown college student pursing Computer Science as a result of this fantastic project. I started my first programming class in the summer online and finished it in 2 weeks, the language we used was Python. Even though my time has been severely constrained than what it was when I was in High School, I still always keep tabs on the project and contribute as much as I can. I and other staff have spent too much time and effort to let it just fall apart, and we cannot let our members down.

I'll turn 20 in September and can't wait to see where we will be next year.


Obique - Hey all! I'm Obique and I'm one of the developers here. I don't talk a lot on the forums, but in the background I program the server and do the necessary IT work to keep things working. I think started playing SWG around 2009, so I didn't get a lot of time to play before the servers shut down. While the server was online I was primarily a Structures Trader on Gorath, and tinkered around with various other specialities but always coming back to making starships   :D Around June of 2012 I joined the PSWG team, back when the entire job description was reversing raw packets. I came and went a few times, usually to help spur on development when things started slowing down. This project means a lot to me and I will continue working on it for as long as I can!

SWG aside, I'm 18 years old and going into college as a sophomore to study Computer Science. I'm also apart of Air Force ROTC, and am working towards becoming an officer when I graduate. I work full time during the summer and also hang out with friends for a majority of my free time, but I program every spare moment I get. I also enjoy working with robotics and mobile applications, so in my spare time away from this I usually make some basic applications in those areas. I also love to teach, so if you ever want help learning how to program or getting familiar with Holocore, just send me a PM!


wallaceg09 - Sup my nerds!? I'm the new guy on the block. I type configurations of characters into a plain-text document that is tokenized and grouped into token-lexeme maps that are then interpreted by a lexical analyser and transformed, based on rules determined by a context-free grammar, into a set of machine instructions that produces a massively complex Finite State Machine that allows you guys to log in to the game, run around, and then crash when you reach Toschee station (blame Obique on that one. I didn't do it    :D)! For those of you who aren't computer scientists or electrical engineers: What I'm saying is that I am a programmer for Project SWG.

I played on Ahazi mostly during the NGE era, so most of my knowledge of the game is from that era. I had a lot of fun with my guild mates, running instances like bosses, farming DWB to help our guildies get their Mando armor, and pew pewing in space for hours on end (or exploiting newbie pilots by bringing them up in my gunship to Ord Mantell, and then going afk while they pew pewed for me    :D). I spent most of my ground-pounding time as the resident medic for my guildies (I got to roll in all that sweet sweet medic love for instances), and that was very fun. Near the end I got very interested in bio engineering and got really attached to my medic/BM combo. What's that? A Reek named EnReekay with a shock collar on it? Yes it is, and I don't care that we're in Akzva Min. EnReekay is tired of being small and needs to stretch. My alt was always a trader. I switched between the various traders, but I definitely spent a great portion of my alt's time as a Structure's trader so I could make/re the parts for me to pewpew in space with.

On a little more personal of a note: I'm in my early 20's, I program... a lot (too much perhaps?), I love long walks on the beach (that's a lie, but you're suppose to say that on these kinds of things right?), and I love Star Wars. I have a Master's degree in Computer Science and love all things computers. My favored fields in Computer Science are Machine Learning (with a particular passion for Artificial Neural Networks, but Genetic Algorithms are cool too), Compiler design (where my context-free grammars at?), Database design (A relational database and an object-oriented database walk into a bar, the bartender tells the object-oriented database "We only serve normal databases here!"), Image processing (too bad the Lena image is always cropped in the academic literature), and finally a wee bit of Automata theory (It's surprisingly difficult to make a joke about Automata theory... The possibilities are finite...). Outside of Computer Science, my interest lies in gaming, though I've not had a lot of time to play games lately.


"If it compiles: ship it. If it doesn't compile, ship it anyway then blame your coworkers when production burns."

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