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Patch notes - 29th May 2015

Yesterday, 03:34 PM

Posted by Undercova in Patch Notes


Greetings Galaxy,

These are the latest developmental changes on the Holocore currently available on Project SWG's Test Server as of May 29, 2015. For more information and discussion about Project SWG's open source development: Development Discussion. The goal of this publication is an overview.

The following changes have been pushed to the Test Center:


  • Added the appearance inventory
  • Added functionality for equipping items
  • Added functionality to open containers (backpacks etc)
  • Added handling for dragging clothing in/out of containers
  • Added additional player flags
  • Added /ooc command to toggle the Out Of Character player flag
  • Added /lfw command to toggle the Looking for Work player flag
  • Added command for toggling the Player Flag for HELPER
  • Added command for toggling the Player Flag for ROLEPLAYER
  • Added command for toggling the Player Flag for LFG
  • Added command for toggling the Player Flag for FACTIONRANK
  • Added container permissions
  • Added enum for CreatureState
  • Changed PlayerFlags to be an enum
  • Fixed an issue with a OpenedContainerMessage constructor
  • Fixed null hologram error
  • Fixed delta number for CreatureObject.setHeight()
  • Fixed incorrect PLAY03 baseline variables and deltas that caused issues with /showhelmet and /showbackpack
  • Fixed CORE-94 'Characters will not become ghosts anymore'
  • Fixed CORE-105 'Standing up from sit position lets your character move again'
  • Implemented appearance item functionality
  • Implemented /showHelmet and /showBackpack
  • Implemented hologram colours


Character Creation

  • Added CORE-67 'Character creation limit per day'
  • Fixed CORE-80 'Lock name upon ClientVerifyAndLockNameRequest'
  • Moved logging into separate class and fixed ZoneService bug where if the name was rejected, the character would be created anyways


Login / Zone-in

  • Added client disconnect when server shuts down
  • Added additional info to the ConnectionService disconnect log
  • Added the login client version restriction inside the config file
  • Cleaned up ZoneService's zone in functions and possibly fixed an LD bug
  • Fixed login loophole where if the hash was known, it would allow login to an account; bypassing the security of a hash
  • Fixed null pointer exception in ConnectionService if player logged out before zoning in
  • Fixed CORE-92 'Login to same character twice'
  • Removed annoying output for when a client disconnects



  • Added data logger with a bit of implementation in ObjectManager
  • Added the capability to destroy objects
  • Added boolean support to the Encoder utility
  • Added missing Terrain file
  • Added config entry for enabling/disabling buildouts
  • Added to CommandQueueEnqueue constructor
  • Added logging to CommandService error cases
  • Added synchronization blocks for ContainerPermission's permissionGroups
  • Added ContainerResult enum to return for moveToContainer method,
  • Changed CRC variable name and implemented decode()
  • Changed port value in UDPServer to be more accurate
  • Fixed object destruction not updating the client
  • Fixed NullPointerException when creature isn't defined in Player.equals()
  • Fixed getObjectAwareness including children objects sometimes leading to duplicate packets being sent
  • Fixed lots of issues caused by child objects not sending packets to those aware of their parent object
  • Fixed 3 network messages to implement encode()
  • Implemented CORE-108 'Redo Config to use a custom config implementation'
  • Moved awareness code into a new class 'ObjectAwareness'
  • Optimized CommandService init from datatables
  • Refactored PlayerManager to receive intents cleaner
  • Refactored slots to not require a slot name and added in foundation for containers
  • Refactored CommandService to look cleaner and start faster
  • Removed old slot classes
  • Removed speed testing in CommandService from previous commit
  • Removed secondary observers list in SWGObject, and possibly fixed chat related bugs
  • Removed slot descriptors to fix persistent NullPointerException
  • Reorganized intent structure
  • Updated awareness for objects in slots and containers, added removeObject, updated transferItemMisc command for slots refactor
  • Updated object destroy methods for slots refactor in ObjectManager

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