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  • Greetings Galaxy,

    These are the latest developmental changes on the Holocore currently available on Project SWG's Test Server as of April 17, 2016. For more information and discussion about Project SWG's open source development: Development Discussion. The goal of this publication is an overview.

    In order to connect to our server with the new network code (TCP)
    you have to download and install our latest launcher (v. 0.9.3 or higher)!

    • Added additional_buildouts.sdb
    • Added some information to buildout area regarding translations
    • Added a BuildingListGenerator to create an sdb of buildings
    • Added ability to distinguish buildouts/snapshots/generated objects
    • Added baseline cachingChanged buildouts
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  • Greetings to the Project SWG community!

    Today we are hosting an event for everybody to take part in! The first 5 members to complete the puzzle provided in the link below will be awarded with an exclusive forum badge. Participants need to provide a screenshot of their successfully solved puzzle in order to be eligible for the chance to win.

    Please send your results to Tosteto, who will review the screenshots before announcing the lucky winners after the event ends. Conversation is preferred, just provide any viewable means of your screenshot. The event runs from April 2nd to April 3rd.

    Here is the link to the puzzle; SWG Puzzle. Good luck!
    (Bonus points to whomever can identify the subject of the puzzle in their submission)

    (Edit 1:) We have reached the maximum amount of winners.

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  • Hello, fellow SWG fans!

    Back in November, we announced a Combat Upgrade emulator that would be based on Holocore. Everything's worked out well, since the NGE team and I were able to cooperate on a lot of features.
    I've spent a couple of days recently on making a CU-compatible version of Holocore. I've fixed the most obvious bugs and all the features that the original Holocore has seem to work as intended in the CU version.

    Great! So... how do I play?
    While the current CU experience seems stable, it does not yet differ enough from the NGE one to warrant a paid server.

    When can I expect a public CU server, then?
    The current iteration of Holocore (Game Update 3) brings a lot of exciting features, such as combat, to the table. When some of those come around to the CU version, you can… [Read More]