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Greetings Project SWG Community,

The Project SWG Team is always extremely hard at work to improve our project in every way we can. After a lot of internal discussion spanning a good number of weeks, the Project SWG team has decided we will be moving to a new and improved website to host our forums and other services. This new host will no longer require us to renew every six months, allowing us to save money in the long run.

It is the opinion of the team that EVERYONE will get a new and clean slate with this move. We will not be transferring any accounts OR infractions. This DOES mean you will have to sign up for the Project SWG forums again when the new website goes live. If you currently possess multiple accounts, you will have to re-submit a ticket in order to allow us to have it on file that you are cleared to have them.

The new forums went live on November 1st, 2015. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed building them.

The Project SWG Team


  • This post is intended to clear up the recent confusion possibly caused by announcing a CU based server in development. In short, we are still developing the NGE and it is still our main focus.

    Project SWG was founded as a continuation of SWG when the game shut down, we hope to bring back SWG to replace the hole left by the shutdown of the official game. We actually started as a CU emulator with hope to add many NGE style features but months after the sensible option at the time was to go with the NGE in full.

    Since then the NGE has always been our focus. To this day it remains our main goal. Emulating the NGE with a drama free and non SOE Source code base.

    We have had our fair share of drama in the past, but for more than a year now we have finally matured into an excellent team of… [Read More]

  • Greetings!

    As production on Holocore continues, the Development Team as well as the rest of the staff felt that it was a good idea to revisit the roadmap and see where we are, where we're headed in the next few months, and where we can improve. We also wanted to take in the feedback we read and attempted to address when the roadmap was last updated (back in February!).

    We've talked about the roadmap quite a bit, but if you're new, what it essentially does is give the staff and the community and idea of not only what to create, but what to test, and when to expect a certain game system. Our original goal was to come up with something concrete and a path that we can distinctively follow without much need to change. Ideally, the path would be so perfect it wouldn't have to be changed.… [Read More]

  • The Combat Upgrade was an overhaul to the combat system seen in pre-CU. The CU aimed to streamline combat and balance a previously broken profession system, where only a few templates were very dominant. Graphics were generally made more pleasing to look at.

    Hang on - does this mean ProjectSWG will stop working on a NGE emulator?
    Nope. The CU emulator is based on the NGE one and development will be the same as in the past.

    Do you have any goals for this emulator?
    Publish 24 was the last update of the CU, which is what this emulator will aim to bring back.

    Cool story bro, but won’t you have to start from scratch?
    Not completely from scratch, no. The emulator is a modified version of Holocore and many functionalities have already been implemented.

    A contribution to the NGE version of… [Read More]