ProjectSWG Jedi Order [PSJO]

  • Well, it looks like I'm either re-writing or basically writing in full detail about my Guild I'm starting up so let's begin!

    *Clears throat*

    Welcome one and all to the ProjectSWG Jedi Order, the PSJO will be the first Guild in ProjectSWG that will consist of different ranking structures for each of the professions. Now, all players of any profession are welcome to join we don't hold any discriminative flags over anybody, we are the kind of group who look out but also help our kinsman you could say to put it briefly.

    Now for the ranking structures.

    Each structure is compiled of different ranks depending on the profession, we accept all professions, those include:

    Bounty Hunter
    Chronicle Master
    Beast Master

    So over a period of time, I will be writing up the Ranking Structure Charts for each profession for the Guild, when I assign a Profession Leader to each one, that in turn will comprise of the PSJO's Council, to make things a bit more simpler to put it bluntly.

    Now, I did write up the ranks before on the old forum but now I can't remember any of them sad to say :/ but on another note! We will be making a website aswell as a Guild Forum to go with it!

    Without further ado, here are the current members of the PSJO

    Guild Leader: Maia Alvara / TifaLockhart
    Guild Members: RylothFreedom, Gillrorry, Merlyn Britannicus and another whose name escapes me xD

    Anyway, if you want to join the PSJO, blast me up an IM or reply to this topic!

    Thank you everyone, trying to remember my Guild description is not exactly easy *Cough* Should've made a copy of it *Cough*

    But anyway,

    May the Force Be With You All

    Grand Jedi Master Alvara

  • Now here is the fun part,

    Jedi Ranking Structure

    Grand Jedi Master
    Jedi Council Member
    Jedi Master
    Jedi General
    Jedi Guardian
    Jedi Battlemaster
    Jedi Weaponmaster
    Jedi Knight
    Jedi Padawan
    Jedi Initiate

    Smuggler Ranking Structure

    The Tribunal
    Old Guard
    Elite Pilot
    Master Smuggler

    Bounty Hunter Ranking Structure

    Syndicate Council Member
    Master Bounty Hunter
    Elite Bounty Hunter
    Experienced Bounty Hunter
    Bounty Hunter
    Known Hunter
    Hired Gun
    Common Killer

    More ranking structures will be added in time. :)

  • Think I was the "another one" haha. Well like I said on the previous website version - (stll) would love to join the guild! :)

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  • Guild Member update, welcome NovaFrost to the ProjectSWG Jedi Order

    Guild Leader: Maia Alvara / TifaLockhart
    Guild Officers: TBD (Haven't yet decided)
    Guild Members: RylothFreedom, Gillrorry, Merlyn Britannicus, NovaFrost, and the other whom I forgot

  • Also, please welcome Nekesti Xel to the Guild.

    Another Guild update:

    Guild Members: RylothFreedom, Gillrorry, Merlyn Britannicus, NovaFrost, Nekesti Xel and the other whom I forgot

  • No different to Schneizel vi Britannia who tried to take over his Fathers place to become Emperor, but failed and got defeated by his younger Brother. :P

  • I usually just wait for a while to see how guilds play out, and if they have the stuff to be stable in the long term. However, this guild certainly makes me excited! I'll keep my eye on PSJO :)

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  • Hi, sent a PM and just remembered some things I forgot to ask.

    Does the guild have a set faction if we want to join? Or does it not matter?

  • Count me in. I was in CIO (Part of DJO) on Eclipse back in the day.