(Marauders): Now recruiting!

  • Hello! The Marauders are a group of players which value fun over most other things, as it is one of our main goals. We have admins/mods who try to improve on the group as best as they can to make it better for the players, and value respect highly. This mean we do not allow disrespect, and do not want our players to act rude to someone unless they are fully deserved of the hate, which is only in extreme cases.

    Now for the fun part, reading all of the information you need/should know!

    A little bio on the group(May be irrelevant):
    We are a group which plays a variety of games, with one's based off of the Star Wars franchise being one of the main focuses. The group has three leaders, all with some form of experience leading/managing a group. We only have a Steam group for now, but will make do with what we have until we can one day get one.

    Our ranking system consists of a long list of ranks, which means you have to actively participate in the group to gain new ranks. We do not want them to feel useless, but at the same time do not want to have everyone getting too many perks for doing little to nothing.

    We try and use the most manageable ways of operating the group, so our systems may work different from others. But even so, we still have the same standards.

    Our rules:
    1:No racism.
    2:No sexism.
    3:No disrespect. (Like the first two, except to press the point for general disrespect)
    4:No politics. (We are here for fun, and do not need to discuss matters which could stress others or cause arguments)
    5:No trolling.
    6:Activity is required. (Unless given a good reason as to why you are not)

    Active mods/admins.
    Game variety.
    An active group for Star Wars games.
    A rewarding activity/rank system.
    Respecting and understanding players, meaning a friendly environment.
    Weekly or monthly events/rallies.
    Fair voting for all members in a community vote, meaning everyone's opinion will be considered.
    A actively updated Q&A.

    Management ranks(Basic set-up):
    Log keeper
    Server manager

    The ranks:
    E-1, Private, Pvt
    E-2, Private First Class, PFC
    E-3, Lance Corporal, LCpl
    Non-commissioned Officers, or NCOs:
    E-4, Corporal, Cpl
    E-5, Sergeant, Sgt
    Staff Non-commissioned Officers, or SNCOs:
    E-6, Staff Sergeant, SSgt
    E-7, Gunnery Sergeant, GySgt
    Master Sergeant, MSgt
    First Sergeant, 1Sgt
    Master Gunnery Sergeant, MGySgt
    Sergeant Major, SgtMaj
    Sergeant Major of the Marauders
    W-1, Warrant Officer 1, WO1
    W-2, Chief Warrant Officer 2, CWO2
    W-3, Chief Warrant Officer 3, CWO3
    W-4, Chief Warrant Officer 4, CWO4
    W-5, Chief Warrant Officer 5, CWO5
    Company-grade officers
    O-1, Second Lieutenant, 2ndLt
    O-2, First Lieutenant, 1stLt
    O-3, Captain, Capt
    Field-grade officers
    O-4, Major, Maj
    O-5, Lieutenant Colonel, LtCol
    O-6, Colonel, Col
    O-7, Brigadier General, BGen
    O-8, Major General, MajGen
    O-9, Lieutenant General, LtGen
    O-10, General, Gen
    0-11, Five Star General, 5Gen

    The application:
    Q1: Why do you want to join?
    Q2: Can you follow the rules?
    Q3: Can you maintain activity? (Rule 6)
    Q4: Do you prefer EU or US time zones/servers. (Can also answer different preferences if these do not work)
    Q5: Will you be helpful? Would you like to help improve the group?
    Q6: Would you be interested in a management role or mod/admin status? (Status level of mod/admin, comes with responsibilities)
    Q7: Are you already in another guild/group? What ones have you been in previously?
    Q8: What do you expect of us?
    Q9: Is there anything you would like us to know about you?
    Q10: Do you have any questions? (Q&A link: Q&A Section. :: Mɑrɑuders )

    Thank you for reading, and hopefully you make a choice as to if the group is right for you or not! ~Dante :duel: