JTL Capital Ships

  • Star Wars lore isn't only about the jedi or the multitudes of heroes and villains of the saga,

    it was a star faring conflict of naval battles that intrigues me the most.

    It's like watching mobile cities go to war,

    in which there are hundreds of thousands in nameless casualties.

    Battle Breakdowns

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  • I think I'll listen to the Imperial and Rebel Fleet again. I was a little preoccupied, but it sounded really interesting.

    Just imagine the fear running thru the minds of every crew member aboard a warship,

    those not directly involved in the battle such as bridge officers, gunnery crews, and fighter pilots.

    The men, women, and multiple alien species racing about trying make emergency repairs,

    finding and treating the wounded, or searching for an unlocked escape pod.

    Only the droids of the Trade Federation died in battle without fear,

    but due to their limited sentience we can't even be sure of that for certain.

    For most rational beings the prospect of being blown in to the vacuum of space,

    or instantly incinerated wasn't appealing but a outright terrifying reality of space warfare.

  • Gaming with Star Dreadnoughts and Star Defenders?

    One of my favorite tabletop Star Wars fleet battle systems is SW Armada,

    one reason is because of the games mechanics and especially because the playing pieces/models are extremely detailed.

    Originally players posted that the SSD would never be a reality in the game due to its massive fire power, but simply failed to be true and now the Super Star Destroyer is available for tabletop.

    Yes SW Armada does seems to take a cue from Sony's JTL meaning that the models aren't true to scale.


    That being said Shapeways has responded by sculpting the Viscount Star Defender..........


    These investments on either front would prove devastating fleet engagements,

    now where does that leave my JTL Capital Ship combat engine?

    Unaffected, Yes I do intend to use Star Dreadnoughts & Defenders but only of the nine kilometer scale.......

    1st I wished to deploy Bellator class at 7,200 meters on the direct orders of the Emperor,

    will retain superior firepower with 250 Octuple Heavy Turbo Laser Batteries , 250 Quad Heavy Turbo Laser Batteries, 250 Double Heavy Turbo Laser Batteries, 40 Heavy Turbo Laser Batteries, 14 Quad Heavy Ion Cannon Batteries, 116 Medium Ion Cannon Batteries, 96 Advanced Concussion Missile Launchers, & 24 Tractor Beam Emitters.

    Which the Rebels respond with the 8.100 meters Viscount Prototype Battlecruiser armed with Mon Calamari Redundant Shielding, a superior point defense systems.

    The Prototype deploys 250 Octuple Heavy Turbo Laser Batteries, 250 Quad Medium Turbo Laser Batteries, 200 Advanced Concussion Missile Launchers, 150 Double Heavy Ion Cannon Batteries, 150 Double Laser Cannon Turrets, & 30 Tractor Beam Emitters.

  • Okay just when you thought you were safe in the outer rim,

    something new and menacing appears on the radar.


    This introduces the Rebel Nadiri Starhawk built from the remains of Imperial Star Destroyers,

    and the Imperial Onager-class Star Destroyer.

    The Onager spinal weapon is actually a scaled down Kyber crystal laser,

    while not as powerful as the Death Star's superlaser.

    It still poses a serious threat in space combat.

    think for a moment.

    How just a few of these Onager-class star destroyers can cripple the flagship of any factional navy,

    now on the flipped side the Nadiri Starhawk can arrest the mobility of any capital ship using it's powerful tractor beam emitters.

  • After considering all the new possible fleet compositions the Imperial Navy seems deadlier than ever,

    so much so that resistance does in fact seem futile.

    Between Interdictor class and Onager class Star Destroyer,

    the Empire has very effective nets and spears to hunt down Rebel's with.

    A fleet of Victory or Imperator class Star Destroyers supporting the operation,

    would spell certain doom for splinter fleets.
    The only possible Rebel response would be overwhelming firepower in the form of a Star Defender,

    which is both rare and extremely unlikely.

  • Another favorite topic yet again.....

    Let's chat about this,

    Which also explains my innate flaws built into my combat engine.
    Size equals inefficiency: ie fire control,

    excessive manpower, lacks maneuverability, and no atmospheric landing capacity.

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  • Lets also talk how the Grand Army of the Republic had better capital ships than the Empire and First Order.