updating client, ready to roll

  • Hello everyone! I'm stoked about this new site and I take it as a good sign of things that either are or are soon to come. All the updates are downloading while I sleep tonight and I'm optimistic about what I will see tomorrow night.

    What's everybody doing in game now? I'm guessing not much from the forum traffic. I just want to do some GCW invasions or JTL and my fix will be satisfied enough.

  • Hate to break it to ya, but there won't be any GCW or JTL when you get on. And the server probably won't have anyone on either. Right now, you can just explore the world. The gameplay elements aren't implemented yet. So, the best you can do is spawn some credits, get on a shuttle and check out all the locations. You can check out the roadmap for more information of what's in game.

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