Expansion on Jedi Class

  • Hey all, I'm new to the website/forums but played SWG for a while before it closed down.

    Anyways, one thing I was always interested in before SWTOR came to be was the improving of the jedi class.
    This is mostly for RP and cosmetic reasons so I'm sure it would be a low priority for you all.
    One thing I liked about SWTOR is it put more emphasis on jedi/sith. However, this emphasis was too much for me. They made you choose from the very beginning if you were going to be jedi or sith. No matter what you did as a sith or jedi, whether it be light side or dark side actions you were always going to be a sith/jedi in name.

    In SWG as you all know, this was quite the opposite. You chose to be, to the best of my memory, a Force Adept. You didn't have to choose light or dark right away, you just made it up as you went along.

    After choosing a faction, they never really expanded on the class. Perhaps a bit, but not much. This left something incredibly lacking if you've ever played the class.

    I would love to see an expansion on light/dark side options. Even if it's just something small, such as quests. If you're ever wanting to switch to the dark side you can find Darth Vader and he'll give you a series of quests to complete and afterwards you're sithified :sith: you receive a new title such as Sith Padawan or Jedi Padawan if you went to Kenobi. Perhaps even a cosmetic change. Wrinkles, Grey Skin, or perhaps even an aura. :D Again, it's a small thing but I think a lot of RPers would appreciate it and perhaps even regular players too.

  • If I recall, they had something like that. At least on Tansarii, where you had the option of following what the original trainer told you to do and calm someone down, or anger them even more and be contacted by another trainer and be given a more dark sided quest. I definitely wouldn't mind expanding on the choices/differentiation between LS/DS, but it wouldn't be a priority.

    Definitely something worth considering, however.

  • Actually I am interested in the 3rd Jedi faction, Grey Jedi.

    Seriously given enough thought, what would the powers be.

    And more importantly who would your trainer be?

    I'm certain the skill would be a mix of light and dark side abilities, the question is that it would require it's own profession and would be able to swap factions like a civilian/freelance pilot would in pvp.

    I imagine that surviving reclusive Grey Jedi far out number both light & dark side Jedi in the Star Wars Unwiverse, it's only a matter of time before they restore balance to the galaxy.

  • Hmm well the 1st requirement is a new Heroic Jewelry Set I imagine,

    as the profession trees are already established between Light & Dark Side abilities.

    Viewing what's already established that may not be possible,

    ie the Jedi Dark Fury set, Guardian's set, and finally the Lightsaber Duelist's set.

    Here is where it gets tricky if we assume that the Dark Fury is a Dark side set,

    and that the Guardian's is a light side set.

    Leaving only the Lightsaber Duelist's set to represent Grey Jedi,

    clearly set restrictions aren't a solution here.

    There has to be a clear advantage in becoming a Grey Jedi,

    as they are restricted in a fashion from acquiring GCW Rank Buffs.

    So I propose a faction point expenditure to acquire similar buffs,

    thus a equal number of Rebel Faction for the 1st tier.

    Then acquire Imperial Faction for the 2nd tier,

    etc. as a Grey Jedi implies balance in the Force.

    Otherwise a Grey Jedi simply isn't as competitive in PvE/PvP content,

    there has to be a clear incentive to focus on factional indecisiveness don't you agree?