Local CU server

  • I've been in conversation with the devs, and for whatever reason my own database in postgres has stopped restoring, no idea why. I've got the jars made in maven, but the server fails to launch, mostly because of it not being able to find, main.ProjectSWG, i'm not sure what to do about this. Does anyone have a already built server files they are willing to share with me? Is anyone willing to get in a line of contact with me either over this websites chat or on team speak for over the line help? I really want this server working on my machine, i'm not experienced at all with java so i can't really troubleshoot far past googling, of which i'm not even sure what to google. I'd appreciate any help about this. If you personally have gotten a server to launch off please oh please help me.

  • I would post this in the Un-official support section of the forum. I hope that your problem gets solved soon!

  • Undercova

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