Resurrecting TEF (The Talasian Elite Forces)

  • Part One
    Originally when I started playing Galaxies I created a Bothan and was stomping around Nashal and running out to Panther City (the Lost Village of Durbin),
    trying to skill up while being amazed by the number of players that would show up.
    One was a human rifleman named Surmatoov,
    fast friends adventuring over Talus together.
    I was invited into the Talusian Sacred Order (TSO) where I bounced from Commando/TKA, mando/rifle, mando/pike, and mando/ch.
    We had two members unlock Jedi and all hell broke loose,
    most of us where not accustomed to a PvP environment and that lead to dissatisfaction and disillusionment among officers.
    The founders of TSO retired from SWG and new leaders emerged,
    now I was the one becoming dissatisfied as I engaged in battles on Corellia defending R.A.H. a rebel fortress player city.
    I had experience but the new TSO wasn't going anywhere so like many friends before me I struck out on my own,
    while on Dant I came across a curious couple a female wookiee and male human hunting voritors.
    I had wealth but not friends so these two became TEF's founding members,
    we where offered and accepted a place in the largest player metropolis on Talus.
    At first this multi guild city was great because we had everything but it soon became problematic, TEF was scattered all over the city to fit the Cities layout rather than out rather than our player association.
    So I stuck out across Talus until I found a location full of rolling hills and rivers, once I way pointed this location I mailed/tell messaged TEF members this location for approval & I contacted former TSO members and got their support as well.
    We had people but no civic structures so back to Dant I went,
    I hunted voritors like nobodies business until I had enough to pay for a PA & all the civic structures and maintenance fees.
    was how the Village of Midland Keep was born (it was almost centered on the Talus map, remote and private against a mountain ridge.), and like R.A.H. our homes formed a large defensive wall.

  • Part Two:
    TEF now began to actively PvP utilizing our favorite method,
    the Temporary Enemy Flag & I was the bait for Imperials.
    We supported and witnessed Chalon's Jedi Army's route from battle,
    and soon acquired many guild hero's.
    It was rare for some ones' combat ability to exceed my own but his weapon dots where effective without question,
    As TEF moved into the Pre Cu age we suffered the loss just as many communities,
    but we marched onward.
    I formulated new strategies such as the Assault Line for melee combatants supported by Battle Line ranged combatants for pvp combat,
    that proved very effective against the Imperials holding Imp hill outside of Mos Eisley.
    I standardized TEF PvP and PvE gear creating trade contracts with even Imperial crafters',
    forming the TEF Armory, Jedi Hall, & Flight Command.
    I then issued Guild Ranks in military Army and Navy fashion,
    founding members became my Core Officer's.
    I would even promote players to a higher rank then my own,
    this was possibly my only mistake that would bite me in later years.
    I was happiest fighting as a common soldier as Guild Leader that was enough,
    our Guild CO Naval Admiral was not only my close friend from TSO but a talented pilot & Master Shipwright Zead so no one questioned his promotion.
    Because of our Guild structure TEF attracted both active duty and retired military personnel & veterans,
    as the Gulf War against Iraq began this became a stressful time for me.
    After all real life took precedence over gaming,
    all members are afforded leave as required as I would soon need as well.
    TEF was ready to move into the Re-Engineering publish,
    as a preemptive move I purchased up all the Bio-Engineered shirts/belts, stat loot I could find and personally farmed the rest.
    TEF now had medium houses filled with RE craft bits then my own tragedy struck,
    I was injured at work during Florida's Hurricane Katrina cleanup.
    So I transferred TEF leadership to Military veteran and Guild CO Army General Etac,
    mayoral duties went to my CO Officer Aposi.
    I retired to medically required surgeries, legal consultations, and hearings,
    believing I had left TEF in good hands.