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  • Hi happy to help anyone with roleplaying both by voice and typing (i hope you know what i mean ^~^). Before servers went down i played a sith lord who lead the military side of a sith empire so now if any roleplayers or people who want to roleplay write it down bellow give us a briefe bio and what you look to do with your character. People who roleplay regularly will see it and recruit you for what they're doing i apologize for my lack of grammar and if any of this is mis-spelled but you catch the drift :stormtrooper:

  • Yeh I Would Love To I Was Thinking Roleplaying A Sith Master

  • Are you guys still doing this?

    If so, I'd like to "join in" as it were! =D

    Perhaps you'd like to "track down" a rather.. Well, its a bounty but when you get to me, I'm more of a DRUKEN Jedi then an actual threat.....more a threat to others then to Lord Vader, etc....

    Just some ideas....I know this thread hasn't been used since April but.......



  • I RPed a Smuggler who on occasion worked for the Rebel Alliance. My ship was an AEG-77 Gunship and I called it the Durasteel Phoenix. I miss those days. I also RPed a Rodian Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, whom worked for the Empire quite a bit.

  • Its been a while...I RPed as a bothan uhh...well..dancer that ended up being a hired gun for money, sometimes working for rebels and sometimes Imperials. I had a second character that was a human who was dressed as a full blown imperial

  • Until I get PSWG installed on my laptop, I'm going to tell you guys about whom I'd like to RP as (assuming the Jedi bit is done in development.)

    A Jedi Padawan of deceased Jedi Knight Cyp'her Kolten. She survived Order 66 with Cyp'her until they confronted Darth Vader in 10 BBY. Her master was killed & she was forced to take odd jobs to survive. She would later become a smuggler & get rid of her lightsaber.

    That's my planned backstory. Kinda like a Female Legends version of Kanan Jarrus.

  • I would actually love to get into SW RP. But I'm so used to other genres that dealt with many other genres but (that only deals with a one world like SW) I wouldn't know how to get started. I mean, character creation and development is easy. And I suppose it would be like any other RP? I guess I would have to hang out with an RP group in SWGEmu to get a better handle on it.

  • When I get everything set up, I'm more than game for RP'ing. My main will likely be a crafter, once that gets set up. One that doesn't bother too much with the GCW, just make stuff.

  • Hey guys, pretty new, i used to play this back in the day but will be looking forward to finding roleplay on here..

  • If you're all still looking for people, I'd love to be added to the list :)

    I don't have a character yet (still getting everything installed) but as soon as I get in and start making characters, I'll start working on a backstory too.

  • I occasionally phase in and out of existence, but I'm always lurking. I sorta became the like... main organizer for RP plans/RP hub for Stella Bellum. I don't have a character yet, but I am redownloading this and plan on jumping back in a little bit.

  • No point in making a new thread when you can rez one from the depths! I actually used to role-play with my friends as Storm Squadron Pilots, we did a lot of piloting and we all decided one day to try for Storm Squadron. I think I ended up going through 3 shirts due to sweat, and cranking my AC down to near 60 degrees because of how obsessed we were with getting the Titles "Storm Squadron Ace Pilot". PvP Space was amazing and on TS though, hilarious and euphoric to say the least.

    It was either that, or my Rebel Medic in battlegrounds or Hoth. Something about the whole combat medic in a trench always seemed interesting to me.

  • Thread hasn't been bumped in more than 365 days, where oh where have the roleplayers gone? Said the Starsiderian.