• Hello, I was wondering, since I've been hearing a lot about this from a few people in Emu as well as my brother and father who play the game. That there will be a game wipe when you all do go live. Just wondering if it is true. If so, why give us the Frog with new stuff and faster lvl up? Would seem kind of pointless to give us this feature just to wipe it way down the road. Or is it just there for us to test? Can anyone clear this up for me? Would be much appreciated. Thank you. (Keep up the great work with the game guys!)

  • if we are able to lvl at a normal pace we can reach the higher lvl stuff and test it out as for the frog its there because there is no loot dropped right now so how would we test our higher lvl skills if we are still using the lvl 1 weapon.

    the wipe will happen as soon as it goes live because these are just test chars on a test server. i know we all seem to fall in love with our chars as we play them but that's what happens in alpha testing and Beta testing you lose those chars. i would think this is more like a alpha test, they are still building parts of the game and then after the game is built that's when the Beta test comes in to efect to weed out all the bugs they can but it will help alot if they can get as many of the bugs as posibal so they dont have to worrie about them later

    UP! UP! AND! where am i again

  • You're correct in assuming that the increased XP gain and frog is there to help development. We don't want the leveling process to be that quick or rare loot to be obtained from AI that isn't fighting back, so the live galaxy won't be keeping anything from the old test galaxy.


  • Gudaden is right, the frog is there primarily to test the higher level functions of the game. It's the same reason we have such a high xp modifier. We wipe occasionally as we go through because of upgrades to system that aren't backwards compatible, and we will do one final wipe as we go live.

    I understand it's depressing to wipe after achieving level 90, but like Ziggy said it just wouldn't be fair to maintain a level that wasn't earned the way it was on live.