• :)Not sure if this has been talked about. Who here is playing the Emu? (I guess the game that came out after the original died long ago? I never kept up with what had happened, so pardon me if I have no idear what I'm talking about.) If so, who is who, and what profession are you?:)

    I have a Master Tailor, Novice Doctor, and Ent.

  • I play it, but not regularly. Enough to still afford a home for crafting.

    I have six characters on Basilisk, Which is really too many for me and pre NGE SWG. Some were created out of momentary necessity. Someday I will remove them.

    Beyeri (Ithorian) was my first after they stopped wiping. Artisan, Medic, Chef, Droid Engineer

    Geof Vuda - My first Ithorian named Geoff, though Geoff was not available. So I settle with Geof. Artisan, Medic, Tailor, Weaponsmith

    Lumeier Lah - Entertainer, Image Designer

    Irwin - Brawler, Scout

    Whitebear - a wookie. Scout, Marksman.

    Bazah - Atrisan, Medic, Architect

    I only play once every couple months which is why no one's secondary skills are leveled up.

  • I'm on there a few times a month often keeping some houses and a guild going

    mostly working on

    Artisan (Master)/Politician/Architect (Master)/Merchant(Master) (zvjezda nebeski)

    Marksman/Scout (Master)/Ranger (Master)/Rifleman (Master) (Aurwen Fflam)

    I also have a maxed Musician/Dancer (Aneirin y Bardd)

    a maxed out Doctor/Image Desginer (Hafits Xicl)

    A TKM, Pistoleer (Master) and Smuggler (Master) (Cyupiz)

    and a few others

    Mostly working out of either Bestine, Umbra Castrum, Dantooine (Mining Outpost)

    and I'm currently mayor of a player city (Umbra Castrum)

    Don't mind me I'll just lurk here

    Characters: Orz Fauz, Erov Ogmi, Melissa Mao, Aneirin, Itachi Yuutsu, Ozedr, Tipyn O'Pishyn

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