Admin Commands Not Working

  • I have recently rebuilt my computer, re-installed the server, and got everything up and running. However, I have created a dev account for the server and after enabling God Mode, if I try to use the qatool command, the server says "no such command, mood, chat type: qatool". Have I messed something up? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  • Inside your game directory, put the following into the user.cfg file:

    Code: user.cfg
    1. [ClientGame]
    2. 0fd345d9=true


  • You're welcome. We should really implement something into the launcher that can do this.


  • /qatool is not working for me either.

    I DO have that entry in my user.cfg file.

    Monitoring the server, the command never gets to the server.

    The client isn't sending it, just saying "No such command, mood, chat type: qatool"

  • Fixed. I had to set Admin Commands in the launcher settings, under General.


    its a bit hidden :D

    you can also use /setg => setgodmode to show spawners and patrol waypoints. to see the patrol routes .. click on the waypoint or the patrol spawner :)



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