Project SWG Launcher Installation Guide 2.0 (Currently Outdated)

  • Greetings from the Project SWG Team!

    A new guide was way overdue as the launcher has gone through some major updates since the last guide was made, so it was appropriate to make a new one.

    Do keep in mind that this was done on Windows 7.

    Let's get started!


    - Original Install of StarWarsGalaxies

    - About 12 Gb free Drivespace

    The first thing you will need is a physical copy of Star Wars Galaxies, so any copy will do, even the original An Empire Divided. I recommend the Complete Online Adventures pack as it contains everything you need on one disc, and saves the hassle of disc swapping.

    First insert the disc labeled Disc 1, and you will then be greeted with a popup of the setup.exe. Click it to begin the installation.


    If it does not pop up, go to My Computer and then run it from there.

    Let the InstallShield Wizard prepare the install.


    The next screen shall have a user agreement, click "I Accept", and then Next.


    The screen will then take you to a destination setup for the installation, where you can choose to set the destination yourself, or let the installer choose for you. It is recommended that you let it set the destination for you. When you are ready, press Next.


    You will then be given the options to have a Desktop Shortcut or Start Menu icon. Since you will NOT need either one, deselect both, and press Next.


    You are then able to start the installation, press Install.


    You will then have to wait while the installation does it's thing, with the exception of the occasional disc swap.


    Once it has completed the installation, press Finish.


    Step 1 is now done. Onto step 2, which is DONT START THE GAME! Head on over to Project SWG.

    On the side of the website will be a navigation bar. Click the Filebase button.


    After that you will taken to a menu with several options for downloads. Click the Project SWG - Launchpad.


    There you will find a link to another website where the download for the launcher is. Click it to proceed.


    Once you are in the new website there will be a few downloads available, but the only one you need to download is ProjectSWG-Launcher.exe.


    After clicking the download link you will prompted to either Run or Save. Save the launcher setup to the desktop of your computer.

    Sometimes the anti-virus software you may have installed might attempt to block and delete the launcher setup, so you will have to allow the launcher through the anti-virus software's exceptions list, or simply allow it to through it's firewall. Since there are many types of anti-software, I will let you work this one out.


    After the launcher setup is downloaded, right click the software and then click the tab Compatibility. Then check off the box that says "Run this program as an administrator. Click apply and then press ok to close out the menu.


    You can then click the program to start the installation by clicking Install.


    Once the launcher is installed it will open up by itself. If not, navigate to the Start menu on the bottom left and either it should be a recently used program, or simply use the search function by typing "ProjectSWG". Once the launcher is up it will say that the "PSWG folder is not a director...", which means that we need to create one. Click the Settings tab.


    Click the Update Server tab and then click the bar where it says "PSWG Fol...".


    It will take you to where your program files are usually stored, if not navigate to your computer's main hard drive, Program Files (x86), and then left click to create a new folder called "ProjectSWG". Once created, click the folder to highlight it, and the press the Select Folder button.


    Once the folder has been designated it will take you back the launcher's main menu. Press Setup to designate where the original SWG file folder is located.


    Highlight the StarWarsGalaxies folder which should be located in the same place you created the ProjectSWG folder, unless you decided to install it elsewhere prior, and then press Select Folder.


    You then be taken back to the launcher's main menu once again, which will now have a new button that says Update. Click the button to start.


    The launcher will then start to download the files needed for the game, which may take some time depending on your internet speed. Find something else to do while keeping an eye on the download.


    Once the launcher has fully updated you are now ready to Play the greatest Star Wars story ever told, yours.