Options for ground areas around buildings

  • I mentioned this before on the other forums about the areas surrounding buildings. I remember the response was that it couldn't be done, but I wondered if that has changed now.

    Would be nice to have options for the areas around structures. The way it was/is that the ground becomes flattened in the buildings *footprint* and all the nice flora becomes done away with, would be good for it not to automatically do that, but also would be good to have an option to have paved/panelled ground extending around a building/structure in varying distances, determined by the player. The paved areas would make Player Cities and grouped housing look much more like Cities and dwelling areas, if all the buildings were *linked* together by city-style ground paving, excluding Tatooine from this since it would be more in-keeping with the planet not to have it.

    Not having an understanding of how the programming works for this, suggest...?

    1) options when placing the building to add an extended footprint or not, an extended footprint would pave the surrounding area, chosing none would leave the foliage exactly the way it is

    2) paved surrounded buildings an actual different building altogether, in the same way that windowed buildings are a different craftable structure than the non windowed variants.

    3) City designers then have further options to link all the buildings in Cities with more paved areas to create an authentic City look; essentially linking the paved footprints already there (could be done the same way that City planners can add momumnets /gardens etc, obviously with no limit as to how much can be linked together so long as it is within the Cities boundaries).


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  • The end-state using this ideology would have a fantastic; authentic feeling of being in a city once we get to that milestone. I like where you're going with this...

    A rendering concern (keeping in mind I'm no programmer):

    If the footprint is altered or shrunk, would plants 'grow through' the sidewalk or houses?

  • The existing core cities don't have any plants growing through the sidewalks or buildings, so there must be some kind of coding mechanism to stop that from happening, although nature always finds a way to grow in any area, so a plant here and there growing through would also be authentic.

    The main problem as I see it might be hills and awkward bits of terrain that might get messed up, so I imagine the only way to counter that would be to make the footprint of the house + the paved area option only buildable on fairly flat terrain. Already there was/is a mechanism in place to stop a building being placed on a bit of terrain that is unsuitable.


    I am one with the force the force is with me   ~ Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus

  • I don't see any reason this can't technically work. But since houses don't alter terrain much (or at all?) it leaves the potential for some really messy-looking roads.

    But like with camps, if a camp can instruct the game to alter the terrain around it, why couldn't it also tell the terrain to "use texture X and only let Y grow there?"

    Ideally though, and unfortunately this one is probably HIDEOUSLY impractical, would be the option for politicians to alter the terrain within city limits to their hearts content. Convert a hill into sequential flat areas to optimize the layout for organized streets.