The Official The Force Awakens Discussion Thread

  • This is the official thread where everyone can discuss anything in regards to the new Star Wars movie.

    Keep in mind that there will be possible spoilers mentioned in this thread, so read at your own risk!

  • Haven't seen the movie yet, going on the 18th, but after waiting roughly three years to see what was going to happen, there was no way I wasn't going to read anything and everything pertaining to the plot.

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  • I understand the choices they made - nobody was going to do the EU justice in movie form anyway without EVERYONE complaining...

    I found a couple things a bit annoying, a few places where they used CG was obvious and some of the editing or reveals seemed to happen too quickly and not really at the natural pace it needed, so some things like that seemed a little akward. Still not sure how I feel about "Planet DeathStar" though. Over all, I enjoyed it. It was basically the kind of Star Wars movie I wanted to see since I was 10 years old (BEFORE the Prequels existed)

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