Questions for FAQ

  • Hello

    we are going to set up a FAQ page and therefore need your questions!

    Please post simple and short questions here so we can add them to our FAQ list/page


    • Will TCG be implemented ?
    • Will the ingame voicechat be implemented ?

    Thanks !

  • These are some topics I've seen. Some make my skin crawl because they often end up in less than harmonious discussion, but put them up front. Some of these are already covered in the forum, but new players are sometimes overwhelmed by the historic or are not sure where to look. So an FAQ is an excellent place to point us in the right direction.

    Will AFK players be disconnected?

    Will atmospheric flight be implemented?

    How many accounts can I create?

    How many characters will we be able to create?

    I have a [buddy, sibling, relative] that lives in the same house as I, and wants to play. Is there anything special we need to do?

    (assuming there is a one account per person and it is IP Address verified)

    When will the project be complete?

    How many developers work on the project?

    How many volunteers are there on the staff? (keep in mind that the developers are volunteers as well)

    Can we get instant level 90 tokens?

    Do we get perks if we donate?

    How many countries make up the community?

    What is the age range of the PSWG community?

    Is it true that the Mon Calamari and Ithorians are among the most excellent races in the Star Wars Universe?

    (ok, not a frequently or maybe ever asked question)

    Where does one report problems or bugs?

    What sort of information should we provide when reporting bugs?

    How can one determine if a problem or bug has been reported?

    If a problem/bug has been reported before by another player, and it has not been resolved, should we append additional information if available?

    If a problem/bug has been reported before by another player, and it has not been resolved, is it worth while to append our experience, confirming the problem?

    That's all for now. I have to get back to work. :-)

  • Will we have all of the previous instances that were originally in the game still?

    What do you guys think of adding new instances to the game?

    Will any new mounts be added to the game?

    What do you think of adding new planets/regions to the game?

    How far would you like the finished game to be expanded upon, after the point of complete restoration?