Unforgiviing Loans (The Hutt)

  • First let me say part of me loves this idea, and part of me loathes it. Also, I'm using a lot of words here, so my ability to communicate is libel to break down at some point.

    Unforgiving Hutt Loans

    The Loan.

    Hutts are placed in back rooms of cantinas on Tatooine. Players visit them and take out loans, any amount of credits. The Hutts are happy to help! They are generous and understanding.

    The Repayment.

    Repay the loan in full within seven days and is good.


    This is the fun and evil part.

    On day 7 if you cannot pay the full amount, you must pay at least 5% of the outstanding balance. 10% daily interest, or more, starts accumulating after day 7. This is retroactive to when the loan was received.

    You may go back to the Hutt and ask for an extension up to 5 times, each time adding 7 days, but each time the interests goes up 2%, beginning that day.

    If you do not make a payment after day 7 and you do not ask for an extension, the Hutt will put a bounty on your head. The bounty hunter will receive 50% of the recovered credits.

    When you are caught up with and killed, All credit assets in your inventory, in the bank, and in your structures (the maintenance) are claimed. If the amount claimed is less than the balance, as the next of kin, your alt character will go through the same ordeal, though the structure maintenance may or may not be affected.

    If the loaned credits reclaimed does not equal the balance. Interest goes up an additional 2%, and you are given 7 days to start repaying. It essentially starts over for the balance. The Hutts are understanding. They will give you 5 more extensions. And it goes on and on until the balance is paid. The interest will cap at 45%. The Hutt are generous and understanding.

    If the player becomes frustrated and deletes the character, the debt is migrated to the alt character. The Hutts are certain the recently departed would want

    Caveats. It the account's alt character is a bounty hunter, that character cannot collect the bounty. If he tries, the bounty will not be rewarded, and the Hutts will place a bounty on the alt character's head.

    There are probably lots of ways players can find exploits with this. I'm not that good at exploits. Regardless, this is the type of thing that could be fun to think about exploits and then program a Hutt retributions.

    Just remember, the loan is legit and may help, though the terms are in morally gray area. Just make certain you can pay it off. Borrow within your means.

  • Hmm, an interesting concept... But like you said, it could be exploited, plus I'm not sure how the bounty would be carried over to a new toon, or if it's even possible. New players could easily find themselves stuck with a debt that cannot be easily resolved. If anything, it'll make people desperate and beg for some type of help, or just flat out blame the Devs for implementing the idea.

    I see many variables that would need fine tuning, if it was possible to program.

  • I like the idea but I do agree with Tosteto. It does need some fine tuning.

    I like the idea that the responsibility will be carried over to an alt if the main is deleted. Seeing as how we are only allowed 1 account. This will prevent people from taking out loans and sending the credits to a toon on a completely separate account.

  • Yes. I agree with both of you. The new player perspective was a dimension I had not thought about. It would could devastate a new player who thinks it's easy money.

    This is a sort of "anti-quest" I really like to think about. Until I get distracted. I like it because it provides the Hutts with something to do which I think is within their character.

    I wrote the short concise version here which is why it starts out "...I'm using a lot of words here, so my ability to communicate is libel to break down at some point." The original had more detail, was maybe twice as long, and probably communicatin wise broke down in more than one place. And still I did not consider the new account/player.

    Thanks for the comments and feedback.