broadcast error

  • The aqbove spoiler was from a post I just created, but then was solved by a reply on another thread. It doesn't matter, just ignore it. Read on for new issue:

    . When I used the broadcast command, I got this error:

    I hit up the qatool there at the end, which worked just to verify my access was working after useing /setgodmode. I tried the broadcast two times there as you can see, both same error.

    Hey there new players! First thing you're going to want to do is look at these handy posts/guides. They will help solve a TON of potential issues and problems getting running, whether you're starting your own server up, installing and running the client to PLAY on a server, or just get connected to the PSWG Test server!

    PSWG Launcher Installation Guide 2.0 (not by me but excellent!)

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