Early SWG Concept Art & Documents

  • eBay definitely can yield vast wonders from past and present, the following pictures are preview photos taken for an auction for a binder full of concept art and documents on Star Wars Online. I unfortunately did not win the bidding (I F***ing hate bids), but I did save all the info that was given, so feel free to snag these for your own archive!

  • That is so awesome. I'm jealous.

    I'm so jealous also haha, wish I had such documents of the game, just to be able to collect and read it every now and then for nostalgia and such

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  • That is super neat! Thanks for sharing Tosteto. I've been very interested in SWG's early history, and this would've been an extremely cool acquisition.

    I've always liked knowing how the game could have been, so it's interesting to see that they were considering adding Dagobah to the game, as well as Rialis (which doesn't exist in any other Star Wars media, so I'm assuming they made it up). I wonder what became of the designs for those planets? I wonder if they become Rori, which was pretty much created for SWG.

    I really hope the successful buyer is willing to share the contents! I don't know if there are any more of these documents out there, but I'd love to get a better look at them.


    If anyone else happens to be interested in SWG's history or early design phase and what could have been, here's a couple of interesting sources you can look into:

    From one of the lead developers, Raph Koster. One of the most in-depth inside looks into SWG's design phase and how the original game came to be.


    The SWG Prima game guides. They sometimes have some concept art and game facts that were quickly made outdated by updates, so they provide some interesting perspectives of what the original SWG was like. You can find them on amazon for a couple of dollars.


    From Pencil to Pixel: The Art of Star Wars Galaxies shows some very neat concept art. The book was sold in the collector's edition of An Empire Divided. You can find some copies on eBay sometimes, or even Amazon.


    The Star Wars Galaxies memory book. An official recounting of Star Wars Galaxies history that is sure to give you a welcome trip down memory lane. You can usually find a PDF online somewhere, but the original hosting on the SWG site is now gone.

    And of course, the SWG Wiki and SuperVaderMan's Let's Plays. Both of which are very complete and very interesting to go through.

    Please let me know if there are any other sources out there that you guys refer to for SWG information and history. I always love to check out new stuff!

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  • I have the original Special Edition Box (and all it's contents) just as they were the day I bought it on release day. Course I also have about every edition released after too (yeah, I was one one of those jerks who ran multiple accounts to get the harvester slots for my mini-empire - Also so my kids could play with me :)

    That book was an awesome find, wish ya won it! Are there others out there or is it a one of a kind thing? Wonder who's it was originally..

    Imagine some SOE rep carrying that to LucasArts.. Hey George, what do you think of this? Heh..

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