Anyone Remember How To Find Your Micro-Region Location NAME on a Planet?

  • This is a crazy question, one that's been rattling around in my head for about 8 years now, (so much so that I can't even remember if it was actually possible) so bear with me....

    Does anyone remember a way to find the NAME of the region of the area of the planet you were currently on? I seem to remember that the method to do so wasn't intuitive, you had to do a slash command or maybe check in the datapad or something. Hell it may have been from doing a cross-server /tell it would list where on the planet your were, I can't remember.

    When you did it correctly it would give interesting names of different regions on the planet that weren't just POIs or city names, but area names.

    (EDIT) It may have been the GCW planetary control regions. Did these have names? Anyone have any links to a screenshot/list of region names?

    Anyway, if you have any info I'd really appreciate it as it's been driving me nuts for several years.


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  • I distinctly remember typing /findfriend to receive a waypoint to said persons location, it actually helped me find a friends "secret" house location once, they were dumbfounded when I was at their front door.

    I used this the last time we did a group hunt on Kashyyyk together after i got separated from our group. Worked like a charm.