Disney has brought Empire at War/Battlefront 2 (2005) servers back online + other support

  • Some of you may have heard that Empire at War had its servers brought back online and had steam workshop support added a couple of weeks ago, and then Battlefront 2's (2005) servers brought back a couple of days ago. I don't think anyone was expecting this, and I'm very happy to see this kind of support from Disney.

    There's a lot of speculation as to why Disney is paying attention to these older games and communities. In the case of Empire at War, many think it's a sign that a new game is coming, while others just see it as a token of goodwill towards the fans who have been modding and playing Empire at War in the past couple of years. For Battlefront 2, some see it again as goodwill while many see it as a publicity move to promote the new Battlefront 2 beta and win over the nostalgic Star Wars fans that had written off the new game (even though it's looking amazing and evokes Battlefront 2 in many ways).

    So, I'm very interested to see where this goes: are these two things just a one-off, with Disney resurrecting the most popular Star Wars games to stoke our nostalgia and promote the new Star Wars games? Or has Disney done some kind of cost-benefit analysis and figured that the cost of this renewed support is worth it for our goodwill?

    It's probably a long shot to fantasize Disney reviving the SWG servers in some kind of open-source, subscription-less format, and the costs/benefits may just be not worth it even if they did. That being said, they've already surprised us and who knows what Disney is planning for the future (a new Star Wars MMO, set in the OT or ST timeline, using revived SWG servers to promote the game? You never know!)

    What do you guys think? Is there any hope? Are you guys going to check out EaW or BF2 now that multiplayer is back up? What Star Wars games would you guys like to see get multiplayer back again? (Republic Commando anyone?)

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  • Interesting news. I played EaW for a bit, but the old Battlefront II remains one of my go-to games.

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