Star Wars Galaxies - An empire reworked /// Your input needed !

  • Any idea on when a go live non test center server will be?

    That will still take some time. Quite a good amount of features are still missing for that kind of server. Even if we add them tomorrow ... time and a lot of testing will be needed to see if our code is mainly free of severe and game breaking bugs which could easily kill the whole economy with just a few clicks/exploits.

  • Any idea on when a go live non test center server will be?

    We don’t have a ETA as of now, we’ve been at this for quite some time, coding by hand definitely has benefits in the end, it’s the middle that’s the most challenging aspect of it because errors/bugs pop up when you don’t want them to. XD Despite the long road we’ve walked down, there’s been much progress over the coarse of that time. The fact that you don’t need install discs is quite a breakthrough, and that is just one of many things that can provide even more options from coding.

    We’re in for a long haul, but the outcome is promising.

  • beta design Mandalorian tested but never in live... bh belt, bh gloves all else a journeyman protector style armor!!!

    Sha'kajir Udesiir/Amis Rook in game...let the mandalorians that survive thrive!

  • well, I leveled up to 14 and am armed with the white thranta rifle....finally feel like real damage to npcs.

    Sha'kajir Udesiir/Amis Rook in game...let the mandalorians that survive thrive!

  • Not sure if its been mentioned yet, but could we have dual one-handed sabers along with an optional Starkiller styled way of holding them?

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  • Veteran reward NPCs

    - placed in iconic spots in the galaxy

    - 1 NPC for furniture. 1 NPC for vehicles. 1 NPC for ...

    - NPC gives info about your character age

    - Filtered items. category and if available or not

    - for every month played you get "points"

    - items/objects cost "points"

    - 72 months played = 72 points

    - with 72 points you can buy 2x 36 months items or 24x 3 months items (as example)

    - all items will be free trade ... some might required bio link

  • Allow "disabled" vehicles to be fixable (specially those that have come from veteran rewards and the like)

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  • Allow "disabled" vehicles to be fixable (specially those that have come from veteran rewards and the like)

    Perhaps we could make certain vehicles fixable at garages that are not high end vehicles, like the first speeder you get in A Speeder For Me quest for example. It makes getting through the Legacy less annoying if an NPC decides to take potshots at your vehicle, while also giving the garages a use. The higher performing and highly sought after vehicles would be the ones you’d have to go out of your way to fix, given their rarity.

  • This may be something that exists or existed. I just remember wishing for it.

    I think would be handy if there where a /command that lists structures that use up the 10 lot slots.



    1-Personal Mineral Extractor - Tatooine

    2-Personal Mineral Extractor - Tatooine

    3-Geothermal Power Generator - Loki

    4-Small Windowed Naboo House - Rori

    This is basic information. Coordinates would be handy, but I don't know if they can be retrieved and displayed.

    Listing the number of slots used by the deed could be handy as well. For instance I could find out what is using up the 6 lots on my entertainer.

    The datapad can be used if a waypoint exists, I remember on Flurry losing one or two extractors when I accidentally deleted their waypoint.

    If the items were numbered, perhaps a way of creating a waypoint with the information.

    /wpmystructure 3

    would create a waypoint for the Geothermal Power Generator.

    There may be a command that already does this, but I could never find it. Also you could probably come up with much better command names.

  • Perhaps there could be some additional text added to the structure deed in the inventory showing the slot number it may require? Not sure if it's possible to edit the existing text, but it would be handy.

    I have a feeling in the back of my mind that there was a structure locator command, you type it and a bunch of waypoints would be added to your datapad of all the placed structures you owned.

  • can be easily coded in

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    Already such a thing in game. Do /locatestructure. It will list all the building you have placed, their name, and location. Its available for use every 24hrs.