It’s Been A Year After Carrie Fisher’s Passing

  • Welp, time sure does fly by, today was the day we lost an icon for all women and Star Wars fans alike, Carrie Fisher. Despite the tragic lose of the iconic Princess Leia, we still celebrate the life of a role model who has fought the Empire for peace, inspired others to bring out their inner fandom, and wore an outfit that rocked the Star Wars fan base.

    Let us give thanks to the woman that brought us into the Star Wars universe, Carrie Fisher. :ewok_2:

  • I was lucky enough to see Carrie in one of her one person shows a few years ago in Houston.

    It was amazing. She talked about life, love, death and Star Wars.

  • I was sat in the cinema watching ep. VIII

    Don't mind me I'll just lurk here

    Characters: Orz Fauz, Erov Ogmi, Melissa Mao, Aneirin, Itachi Yuutsu, Ozedr, Tipyn O'Pishyn

  • She remains an inspirational person always. The story and the characters of Star Wars are going to be remembered down history as well remembered as Shakespeare and all other timeless stories and their characters. She will always be Princess Leia.


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