Force Awakens!!

  • RylothFreedom had a post called Force Awakens! created almost two years ago. The is part 2 ( Force Awakens!! ) of that.

    It has been two years since RylothFreedom proclaimed her understandable pride of being the owner of the special light side edition of The Force Awakens. Many of us have it on DVD and Blu Ray. Now it has joined the world of so many other classic and less than stellar movies. it is on television, on cable channel TNT. That means it will be on many, many, many, times over the next month or so and we can look forward to air on weekends and holidays in the future. Perhaps it will join the occasional Star Wars marathon?

    I am wondering if it is showing in other countries where TNT may not be part of the television landscape. What channel is it on? Is it dubbed in the language of the country it is playing in? Maybe it has subtitles?

    So even though I have the movie on disk, I'll still watch it on television, unless the commercials prompts me to get off my rear and find the disk.

  • I'm not aware of any Star Wars movies being dubbed in Danish. Definitely subs and perhaps shown on TV in a few years. Yes, years.


  • Along the lines of RylothFreedom's original post, I picked up The Last jedi this morning. I hated spending so much for it at the grocery store, but later, before I left work, I looked at the receipt and so it rang up as $0.00. They had not entered a dollar amount in the system. I'm torn because the store has a policy that if they make a mistake to the customer's advantage, then that's just the way it is.

    Anyway, i am really enjoying watching this again. I get to drink it in as much as I like.

  • I'm not aware of any Star Wars movies being dubbed in Danish. Definitely subs and perhaps shown on TV in a few years. Yes, years.

    I hope with Disney in charge, that changes in regards to how long you must wait for Force Awakens to air on TV.

  • I was looking for a movie to watch, and decided on The Force Awakens. It's nice when a movie still seems fresh. There are so many bits I like, like when Rey says she never knew so much green existed. And that first shot of the "garbage" that "will do" still give me goosebumps.

    Rey just found the light saber. gotta go.

  • I thought episode 7 wasn't bad. Episode 8 on the other hand, they completely ignored everything that happened leading up to it.

  • The YouTube posting seems like ages ago, but August 26 was only a few weeks ago. I have been very preoccupied.

    The second official trailer of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

  • My eyesight is really bad, but that looks like Rey wearing the cloak and holding a red light saber associated with the dark side. Intriguing. Will there be a flip flop where Kylo Ren goes to the light side and Ray to the dark? Maybe she becomes the balance in the force, dark and light? Or maybe it is just an image to make our brains go into panic overdrive? ("NO! Rey cannot join the dark side!") To be clear, my brain is not in panic overdrive. I just find it intriguing. Could be her twin sister or a doppelganger.

    I have always liked how red it a lower color on the frequency spectrum while blue is a higher frequency. Age old color symbolism, blue the color of heaven and red the color of hell.