The New Player Q&A Thread

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    This thread was made for the purpose of educating players new and old who have not played the NGE or who are completely new to the game. It will go over some of the basics on how to start off in the game, and will help you get a start on playing. This thread is subject to change, as more questions can be added to further help people who seek answers.

    Project SWG Introduction

    Question: What is Project SWG?

    Answer: Project SWG is an independent group project that is coding an emulator for the game Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided from the ground up.

    Question: What version of SWG is this project coding?

    Answer: Project SWG is coding the game in it's NGE (New Game Enhancement) version, which was what it was before the games shutdown.

    Question: Will there be anything different in the emulator in comparison to what it was like in Live?

    Answer: Since we are coding the emulator by hand, the possibility to add and alter content isn't out of the question.

    Question: Will there be missing content that cannot be added?

    Answer: There will be a few things that has been decided not to add (Atmosphere Flight is just one example).

    Question: There was a Trading Card Game with in-game loot that you could receive from it, will it be obtainable in Project SWG?

    Answer: We have a numerous amount of ways to implement the TCG loot in-game so it can be earned.

    Question: How long will it be before Project SWG goes Live?

    Answer: That is a popular question that currently has no answer; with the amount of staff/code contributors we have, it may take some time. Think of it like we're coding SWG for the first time back in 2001-2003, except the staff from SOE consists of only 6 people with some outside help, and we have to code it to when it was shutdown. It's a huge undertaking, but we are committed.

    Question: Since it's going to take some time, what can I do?

    Answer: You can create an account to start out, interact with other community members on the forums, and log in-game to check out things in the galaxy. You should also find other things to occupy your time during the wait, and check back every so often for news and updates.

    Question: Is there any way I can help with the progression of the project?

    Answer: We do welcome code contributors to help with the progression of the project, contact either Tosteto or Undercova if you feel obligated to help in the cause.

    Forum & In-Game Account

    Question: How many accounts do I need to for both the forums and in-game sign-in?

    Answer: You need only 1 to use the forums and to play in-game. Your account name and password are both used on the forums and in-game log-in.

    Question: How many accounts can I have when signing up?

    Answer: We permit 1 account per household IP.

    Question: I created another account and now it has been banned, why is that?

    Answer: If you create more than account on the same IP, our system will detect it and auto ban it.

    Question: I created the account for another family member/friend/person under the same IP on my first account, can it be unbaned?

    Answer: If your account or second account has been banned for making another account, contact a staff member and we will sort out the issue.

    Question: Why is there a 1 account per household IP anyways?

    Answer: Having multi accounts could cause several issues in-game and forum wise. We want to make the in-game experience memorable, as well as on the forums. Having the ability to make multiple aliases can defeats the purpose of making a name in the community, and encourages bad behavior to repeat itself.

    Question: If we can only have 1 account with exception of an account for a friend on the same IP, how many characters can we have?

    Answer: It is up for debate, but the most slots that can allow is 2 to 3 characters per account. This is subject to change on how a third slot would be permitted (Unlocking through Collections/in-game credit purchase/Quest Reward), and will be decided at a later date. As of now the test center allows more than 3.

    Beginning A New Character

    Question: Which species should I start out as?

    Answer: It is mostly up to you, each race has a difference in customization options, and base stats.

    Question: What are base stats, and what kind of basic stats are there?

    Answer: The main basic stats effects things like health, action, damage, and defense and a few other things. Luck, Precision, Strength, Constitution, Stamina, and Agility are the main stats that will help your character become more powerful.

    Question: What is the difference for the base stats for each race?

    Answer: A Wookiee may have a high Strength value, but has poor values in Agility. Each race has different stat values that differ from each other.

    Question: Does any races offer other benefits?

    Answer: There has been talk of possibly adding additional Skill Mods to certain races to fit their background. Skill Mods offer an additional benefit to things in-game, such as Action Cost Reduction, and Crafting Efficiency. It allows you to do things better in combat and non combat activities. Think of it as tune-up to your characters abilities and skills.

    Question: How many Skill Mods are there?

    Answer: There is a lot to choose from, and way to many to name.

    Starting Out With A Profession

    Question: How many professions/classes are there to choose from?

    Answer: The NGE version of SWG has 9 professions to choose from, each with their own unique traits, skills, and uses.

    Question: Does the professions have base stats and Skill Mods as well?

    Answer: Yes, each profession has different base stats and Skill Mods you gain through leveling up.

    Question: Why is Jedi a profession in this game when they got wiped out?

    Answer: To please the eager fans of the Star Wars community, the game included Jedi so that you could play out your Star Wars fantasies like never before.

    Question: What profession is best suited for me?

    Answer: Every profession was tailored to suit someones play style from DPS, Tank, and Healing. Ask around on the forums on what profession you should invest in if your not sure.

    Question: Can I change my profession if I'm not happy with the chose I made?

    Answer: Yes, the profession counciler NPC can allow you to change your current profession to another, there's only one catch...

    Question: What is the catch? Can I only change my profession once?

    Answer: No, you can change your profession as many times as you would like, but after the first change which is free, you'll have to pay credits to change to another again. For each time you change out to another, the price increases.

    Question: Does the price stay the same even if I don't change my profession?

    Answer: Not exactly, if you don't change your profession for around a month, the price will decrease. The price ranges depending on how many times you changed your profession, but you can eventually get a free change if you stick with your profession for awhile. As an example, here's what the price range would look like; Free-1,000-10,000-100,000, 1,000,000.

    Question: What is an expertise tree and what is it used for?

    Answer: Each profession has their own expertise tree which you can use to further customize your profession to you suited play style. You receive expertise points after a certain number of level ups, and can acquire a maximum of 45 points.

    Question: What's the Beast Master tree used for and why does each profession have one?

    Answer: The Beast Master tree is a shared tree for all professions, but can only be progressed with the limited 45 points. The tree allows you to create and raise your own creature companion to fight alongside or travel with.

    Question: I've spent all my points and would like to make a change to my expertise trees, but it won't let me take back points, what do I do?

    Answer: Once you spend the points, you can't immediately redo your decision. Go to the profession counciler and request a refund in expertise points. Remember that the rule on how much it costs for a refund is the same method as changing your profession.

    Where To Start In-Game

    Question: What exactly can I do in the game?

    Answer: SWG is an open world sandbox game, the possibilities are endless. From open world PVP, space flight, crafting, live events, player housing and city management, to the social aspect of SWG, there's much to be done in the galaxy.

    Question: I've made my character and have landed on Tatooine, where do I go from there?

    Answer: The NGE version of SWG included a quest line called the "Legacy Quest", the starting quest is called "A Speeder For Me", which should get you started on your way from level 1 to about 55. It's a means of getting yourself familiar with the profession you chose and the galaxy around you. You travel to several planets in the Legacy quest, so you get to do some sightseeing along the way.

    Question: What else can I do besides going on a quest for credits and glory?

    Answer: SWG is also a social experience, you will at some point and time interact with other players. Trading, Questing, and Dueling are just an example of what you can do with others.