New combat NPCs requested !

  • Right now i am working on indoor patrol routes because Obi made them work !

    While i was assigning patrol routes to existing NPCs inside Jabbas Palace ... i stumbled across all the Gamorrean NPCs and remembered that they are only static NPCs so far. So i came up with the idea to make them combat NPCs too like many other NPCs that only were static non-combat NPCs. No worries ... the gamorrean NPCs inside Jabbas Palace will stay non-combat ! But now we can make them spawn outside/near the palace and ofc in certain areas of Tatooine.

    Anyone has ideas/proposals about some more NPCs we can add ?

    Please remember that we need existing models/races !

    We can assign certain CLs to them ... give them a special set of weapons ... special set of attacks ... loot ... and so on

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  • I don't know how feasible it would be, but some mini-scenarios of npc battles that you could join in would be fun.

    Perhaps like the GCW they could be timed to happen at certain parts of the day, or maybe they could be triggered once a day by speaking to a certain npc commander.

    (I'm remembering that on Naboo for example there was a POI Gungans vs Imperials battle site, but all the npc's were non-combat and nothing ever far as I know).

    It would be great if such a battle could actually be triggered and you could take part in it, with a choice of joining whatever side you want.

    It would be a good idea to keep these mini-battles small and kept in out-of-the-way places, and like the GCW they would remain non-PVP unless whatever players involved in them specifically decided to become special forces.


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  • I can't remember did we have already feral Ewoks or rogue Jawas in the original SW:G?

    I think there was attackable ewoks, why I remember this is that there was an extremely rare ewok bow that would drop from them, maybe during the CU era... I think... Not sure about Jawa's though.