Venturing into the server that must not be spoken

  • Title? I was watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows over the weekend, but this does involve SWG.

    After reading Undercova's post about populating the universe with NPC, I was thinking about how much work that would be for one person, and considering, as have many times before, that this might be one area I could help. I was also thinking that son #1 (Afeust of GORF) would be pretty good at it. I told him about it. His question was "So you could populate the cantina with ithorians?" An Ithorian bar? That sounds dodgy. My response was maybe. It if were one of the cantinas in one of the out of the smaller, out of the way cities. Often those are empty of NPCs.

    Anyway, after giving me hard time, It came out that he has created two characters on the server that must not be named (Legends). Both are traders, one is level 90 and the other is almost level 90. His goal was to undercut my feeble sales. I was amazed and asked how long has he been playing? Two days. TWO DAYS!. My first character created two YEARS ago is only level 77! Also, he was two missions away from becoming a master pilot! This does not surprise me because he use to do that on the secondary servers (Flurry was our primary server) all the time. He would collect rare and pre-NGE items from servers, do a server transfer with Olauf, buy it, and then come back to Flurry. Also, my level 77 trader has less than 10,000 credits. He has over 600,000 credits, mostly from space missions. I'm a pretty casual player on the server that must not be named. I have not been in any hurry to get to level 90.

    Things that came up, that I think might apply to PSWG are pre-NGE items. There were some that I'm not sure would be possible simply because there is no real history, like weapons and clothing from pre-CU and CU. Clothing that would sometime have really incredible stats, and they could be moments away from destruction (because of decay). But there may be things that are just as rare, like painting and items. He mentioned Ewok spleens. Evidently, Legends does not have Ewok spleens.

    It's good to have him back in game. It may be just for the summer because his job and graduate work resumes in late August. He does lab work at the university.

    I am still seriously thinking about helping out with the NPCs. I think I would enjoy it and be reasonably good at it. Nothing as radical as an Ithorian bar. Undercova has written several posts over time, and I want to review those before I pester him with questions.

    It is really good to have son #1 back in game. He is far more inclined to group with people achieve a goal than I am. In other words, he relates to people in a normal way. Son #2 still has no interest.

  • I just gave the gents the heads up on your request for the assistance on NPC placement, I really want to do it also, but unfortunately I can't get online ATM. :/

  • posting a list with coorindates and names for NPCs ... is super simple :)

    right now i am even working on a list of new combat NPCs. NPCs that were invulnerable so far in the game or barely used. like Muftak in the cantina in Mos Eisley. why not make a real combat NPC of his race ?? that is why we offer a different game/galaxy than Legends and co.

    make the game more vivid and fresh. new content. could even change the legacy quest line and themeparks. more NPC battlefields all over the galaxy

  • Adjusting the legacy quest line to branch out into different quest-trees relating to faction choices is something that has been discussed before.

    I think it was Syvesh organised a group of people for it?. I remember putting my name forward as being interested in helping with it.


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