Login problem on Local server

  • Didnt change anything, as I just got the server up and running. Might be that I used the same character on official server fork and Obi's fork, as it's the same database they use. Now wiped the char, created a fresh one and no crashes so far.

    Thank for the tip about a fresh char!

    And also /setg works on the official server fork in regards of those spawn eggs :)

  • Ok, everything seems to be working fine now. Just need to look into the Admin commands, got the list from the SDB, but was there a list with syntaxes somewhere around the forums? Old link I have does not seem to work anymore?

    Also looking for a way to enable the frogs, then I am all set.

  • Thanks, once again UC!

    Found the frogs setting in DeveloperService.java, it was CHARACTER-BUILDER boolean, didn't remember that the forgs were called that.

    Also all the admin commands seems to work ok, part from /qatool item. It only gives a selection window for Access level 0, 5 or 10, but no items appear in the inventory.

  • Up and running now on Obi's fork:

    Woohoo, also noticed that there are vehicles now, got myself a BARC! :dancing_trooper:

    Thanks for all the help guys!