The KOTOR fan remake called "Apeiron" was shut down by Lucasfilm :/

  • It was quite a bummer to find out that Lucasfilm sent a cease and desist letter to the fans who were making the UE4 remake. They were quite public about the game (appearing on several news outlets) and (to their credit) were looking like an official, high-quality remake of KOTOR. However, this is probably what worked against them since Lucasfilm worried that it appeared to be an official Star Wars game.

    I am far from a lawyer, but the letter seems to specifically note issues that the game on its website, social media, and public statements create confusion that the game may be affiliated with Lucasfilm. The project was using the original KOTOR logo with their "Apeiron" subtitle underneath, so to anyone viewing that there's no way to know it wasn't official. That being said, they later specify that they want the code and game materials destroyed, so who knows if it was an image thing or the game itself that worried them.

    I don't think this is reason to fear similar action for any of the SWG emulators at this point, but still it's a small cautionary tale of the fine line that some of the bigger Star Wars fan projects wrestle with.

    The letter:

    One of several articles on it:…n-shut-down-by-lucasfilm/

    Their website if you want to learn more about them:

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  • Yeah, I saw that on Twitter this morning, and as it is sad to see this happen, now that McSidious has brought this up again, it brings me to being concerned.

    I think PSWG is fine for now, you guys have a couple things going for you...

    1) You guys don't advertise PSWG much, unlike Apeiron which was working hard to sell themselves. Now the other SWG servers... some of them have been known to talk to the press, so hopefully they don't sink the boat for everyone.

    2) You guys are an emulator for a game that is abandoned and unplayable, whereas KOTOR is still a supported, publicly sold title.

    3) You guys aren't using Star Wars assets, logos, or other IP on your website/twitter/etc. so you're not appearing to be official. The only IP related stuff is within the game itself and that isn't any different from any other Star Wars mod out there (which seem to be more or less officially sanctioned).

    4) You're still requiring the base game to play this (although I'm not sure about this anymore with the new launcher?).

    ^Not sure this legally makes a difference anyway.

    5) You guys are very under the radar for now.

    So, hopefully this is enough to differentiate PSWG from Apeiron. You guys aren't trying to make this seem like an official Lucasfilm game, you're just trying to make playable a game that we all bought, subscribed to, and played for years and which we deserve to play again.

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  • I'm pretty sure there is something on this website about the legalities of this project so I don't think there is anything to worry about. The server that is being created is being built from scratch. The Dev's aren't using any of the leaked source code. Title screens and things of that nature that have the Lucas logo could probably be changed and any money that is donated to this project will be spent on maintaining the server and not going into someones pockets.