Getting projectswg [NGE] to work

  • I have the same problem with the CU project. I can compile and run the Holocore project fine, complete with the PSWGCommon and Client Holocore sub-projects. MongoDB is set up and working. all clientdata files are in place. Holocore compiles and runs fine, but can't get the game client to connect to the LoginServer. I am using the ProjectSWG Laucher.

    I noticed I can't connect to the "Constrictor" CU Server using the Launcher, but I CAN connect and log into the "ProjectSWG" server using the Launcher.

    What am I missing?

  • I think right now Constrictor is only access by invite. I think you have to private message one of the devs (Undercova or Obique), so they can add you to the player database for that server.

    ProjectSWG's Holocore main server adds the player ID automatically just by sign up an account in the forums.


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  • Ok, but that still doesn't help me with my localhost server. I pulled down Obique's version, and trying to run it. Now, I am getting a console full of Received fatal alert: certificate_unknown. I am still somewhat new at Java (but fluent with C#), and not sure where the certificate is, or how I can add it to my local machine's store. BTW, I am running things on a windows 10 pc.

  • I'm going to give the usual how to get the server going procedure; Our launcher is found in the Filebase tab on the left of the website, where you can find Windows, mac, & Linux, Windows is what you'll need. You then run it and then click the sliders on the top left, it's the three slider icon. You then head down to Update Server, Local Path where you will need to designate a folder to. Make a file folder named PSWG and then select the folder icon next to the Local Path and then select the folder you just made. Once set, go back to the server launcher and you should be prompted to update/download. After the download/update you should be able to launch the main server.

    If this doesn't help, let me know, I just thought that I'd give you the rundown on the installation process just in case.

    No disc's needed! :)

  • Yes, I've done all that, I am way beyond that. The problem isn't the launcher as I said. I can connect to ProjectSWG with no problem. The problem is my localhost server is not working properly, most likely due to trusted ssl cert issues.