There Has Been An Awakening

  • Hey all. It's been quite a while but I used to hang around these forums several years back.

    Just wanted to pop in and say that I 100% support the decision to create your own version of the game. I think there's room to tweak NGE with inspiration from Pre-CU to create, frankly, the best version of SWG that has ever existed.

    I'll be watching your career with great interest!

    Btw, I remember years back on this forum, saying that I'd be married before PSWG releases. Guess who's getting married in September. :)


    -=Make Jedi Great Again=-

  • haha

    well .. some ppl marry multiple times in their life ! ;)

    Best wishes to you and your wife !

  • Why hello there, it's always good to see a familiar face from way back when!

  • I remember your (BlueCasket) avatar, I presume for ProjectSWG. It's a bit creepy and I like creepy.

    The eyes are creepy. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding.

    The programmers/designers and people that contribute their time (I am not one) have made much progress on ProjectSWG.