New Keyboard

  • Hey guys

    I'm in the market for a new keyboard. I currently have a Logitech G19 but have started to have issues with again and their tech support was all manner of unhelpful.

    The issue I have with G19 is every time I press the down arrow I get a * and it is really starting to annoy me as I use Excel a lot for work and every time i want to go down a cell i over write my work with a *.

    What keyboard would you recommend? I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars. I do a little bit of gaming (Minecraft and SWG) but at the moment it is more work related use

  • I'm not one to be knowledgeable when it comes to keyboards, all I can really say is with my experiences, I prefer wired mouses and keyboards, wireless has never really been my thing. I also don't use expensive keyboards, the most pricey keyboard I have used is the SWTOR keyboard, but I switched back to my Dell wired keyboard awhile ago. If your using it for office work, you don't need anything fancy, casual gaming like Minecraft can still done with a simple keyboard and it really doesn't require anything fancy.