running an executable jar

  • I am not sure if this has any validity, however I made a couple of changes to the holocore gradle build. The reason I followed this process was so that i did not have to build everytime I wanted to run the server. I hope this helps some, it helped me. Some changes may not have been needed, I'm not quite sure.

    step 1: clone git

    step 2: change build.gradle to build.gradle.kts and settings.gradle to settings.gradle.kts. (changed due to Kotlin using .kts extension according to…oovy%20language%20element.)

    step 3: I ran .\gradlew shadowJar (on win10) to create an executable jar in the build/libs.

    step 4: moved the created Holocore.jar file to the main working directory.

    step 5: Now I can run the jar using the command java -cp Holocore.jar com.projectswg.holocore.ProjectSWG from the main working directory.