Login stuck

  • I downloaded the launcher and installed the game and when I press play and get to where I put my username and password it just loads forever.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    I'm so excited to have found this as I am a big fan of the post CU era and plan to help out anywhere possible with this project.

  • I have been able to log in the past few nights but I too am getting the same message as y'all tonight.

    So, it'll be fixed soon...there isn't much to do in game so don't get your hopes to high, you'll only
    be let down.

    This is a work in progress.

  • Yeah I fully understand this is a work in progress and that is what gets me excited to see this and be apart of the big build up that will eventually lead up to the final product we all love and miss.

  • i rebooted the server for now again. sorry for that ... but our current TC code is like 1-2 months old i think. meanwhile we have added a lot of fixes which should have fixed that problem for sure. problem now is that we also changed the network protocol. the original SWG works with UDP but we built in a converter to TCP (IPv6) which opens up a lot of options plus stability. need a few more tweaks and lines of codes so we can publish a new launcher version with it implemented. most likely 0.9.2 or higher :) and ofc patch TC