Finished Product Game Updates

  • Hi everyone!

    Quick question, and I am sorry if it had been answered I could not find it, will there be game updates once the game is fully reconstructed?

    I mean will there be things like new expansions, new content, ships, weapons, armor, pets, etc?
    Nothing game breaking like what happened to the EMU, but I am interested because that would be amazing.

    An example would be how there was a plan for invasions to also happen in space, they just never got around to it do to the game getting shut down.

    Thanks in advanced and keep up the work! My guild is really excited to get back in game once finished.

  • There were a form of invasions in space before the closure they were in Datooine Lok and Coronet systems.

  • The Ideas and suggestions section of the forum is usually where any possible *additions* to the finished game are discussed.


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  • there are for sure some little plans/ideas of what can be implemented in future. but we are very far from that point atm :D

    despite that with our code we are able to add new content pretty easily. a thing that other projects specially those who are using the source code cant do that simple

  • Sweet! Thank you guys btw for the hard work! So many people in my guild waiting to play this again and the fact you guys plan to have new things put in after completion is awesome! Keep it up!