• Hi! So, I played this game once with a friend on his computer (I borrowed it), and I enjoyed it. But, thr game was closing in a few weeks, and I didn't have very good grades in school, which stopped me from being able to get it. Now, I would love to play it, but I don't own a copy of the game. I have a few questions about setting it up.

    First, does it work on a Mac?
    Second, do I need to buy the Empire Divided Version, or the complete box set?
    Third, do I do that before or after downloading the installer?
    Fourth, do you guys have space set up? (such as the Lost Star Destroyer, Space stations and combat, etc.)
    And fifth, does it matter which version of the launcher I download? (I want to play NGE, if that makes a difference in the Launcher Downloads.)

    I apologize for the amount of questions, but I can't wait to play this great game!

    Thanks. :)

  • Hey Joeman, welcome to the community!

    So here's some answers (which to the best of my knowledge are right):

    1. SWG does not work on the Mac OS, unless you have bootcamp of course. So pretty much no, it is windows only.

    2. I think any version of SWG will work, such as An Empire Divided, Total Experience, or Complete Online adventures. Trial versions and starter kit will definitely not work. To be safe, get the complete online adventures, but the other versions should work (can someone confirm this for me?).

    3. When you download the launcher, it will ask for the location of your SWG game files, so you should install the game before you download the installer (that is, if I'm reading your question correctly).

    4. There's no space in the game yet, but it will happen in due time. Pretty much no emulators/source based servers have space yet, so hang in there.

    5. So download the latest launcher. It's on the front page right now, it's version 0.9.2. The newest launcher is the only one that works now and it is only NGE. The CU launcher doesn't exist yet.

    I hope that helps! However, I feel an obligation to temper your expectations... The game you can play right now is still pretty basic. A lot of the world that you may remember from your short experience with SWG will be there, but the gameplay you may remember is not. All you can do really is sight see and explore, and not fight or develop your character. Still it's better than nothing and they're updating the game very often (in fact, there was just an update today! It adds lots of new things to see (npc's), but doesn't really give you more to do). So, I hope you can get into the game and experience the world, and stick around because someday soon you'll be able to play the game you remember!

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  • Currently there's no support for OSX. It is something that has been worked on in the past and it's definitely something that we might see in the future.


  • First off, welcome to the community! :)

    We currently do not have an official support for OSX, however bootcamp is a viable option if you wish to go down that path. I have used PSWG with Bootcamp in the past.

    The Empire Divided version will work fine! :) As McSidious said, any full edition of the base game will work.

    Install the game first. Then download the launcher and let it patch.

    Space is not currently implemented.

    Download the latest launcher.

    Please never apologize for asking questions! We're always here to help out. :)