Verify installation

  • I've already downloaded and installed the new 0.9.2 launcher but I'm having trouble verifying the updated version.

    How do I see that 0.9.2 is correctly installed ?

    I found no info. via launcher properties and I'm not smart enough to find it in my Project SWG files.

    I know the server is down so I'm not trying to get onto it I was just looking to verify. :)

  • just install the v 0.9.2 and it overwrites the old installation. worked perfectly for me and all others so far as i heard

    but yea you are right. in there no info about what version it is. ill forward this to cdmpse :) thanks

  • I installed the new one and attempted to use it, it looks just like the other one and there was no new patches at this point.

    yeah visually there is no real difference than old one. but with new one you wont be able to connect to old swg servers too since it now uses the TCP protocol