Admin commands

  • Be sure to have a file named user.cfg in your main game folder. Add these lines:



    Following admin commands are enabled when you have a staff rank ingame (DEV, QA, CSR)


    • enables/disables god mode
    • the god mode is needed to perform admin commands

    /goto building_id

    /goto building_id cell_id

    /teleport terrain x y z

    • teleports you to the given coordinate
    • y in this case is the height
    • x and z are the usual coordinates

    /setPlayerAppearance /appearance/xxxx.sat

    • check your sku0_client.toc file for what kind of appearances are possible. very few dont work and will crash your client.
    • you need to have your target locked in. also move mouse across the character


    • you need to have your target locked in. also move mouse across the character
    • the character needs to relog so it gets reverted


    • displays you additional information about the building and cell you are in right now

    /dumpzoneinformation all_cells

    • lists up ALL cells of the current building with their cell id and cell names

    /qatool recover name

    • will teleport the named character to the front of Mos Eisley Starport. a good way to help and save "bugged" toons. if that doesnt work anymore the toon needs to be deleted

    /qatool player type value

    • will give your character a certain amount of XP. like /qatool xyz combat 500 or /qatool xyz crafting 500 or /qatool xyz entertainment 500

    /createStaticItem item_name

    • will give your character an item into inventory from the .sdbs stored in /serverdata/items/


    • opens the basic server management tool. this is not fully functional yet and will be enhanced in future


    • changes the player movement speed


    • broadcasts a message to all players


    Characters: Bipolei (Officer) /// Undercova Brother (Medic)
    Server: Europe - Infinity /// Europe - Farstar /// Europe - Chimaera