Steam installation

  • So theres a guide that teaches people how to run Project SWG or SWGEmu through Steam, but it's a bit outdated. Thew new launcher automatically installs Projectswg into AppData, with no way to alter the installation location. Does anyone know how I can install the new version of project swg and have it play through star wars galaxies on steam?

  • The new launcher is written in Java which for some reason Steam won't even launch a JVM app, at least in place of the original SWG launcher.. Any other method like re-naming "SwgClient _r.exe" to LauchPad.exe, doesn't work since, the most recent launcher update handles communication with the server, in a different way - So the Launcher is absolutely necessary if you want to run the game and until there's a way that steam will work with java (or until I can find a work-around), those instructions are unfortunately dead unless you use EMU (and sadly I haven't even tried their new launcher yet)

    Also been waay too busy to be bothered with rewriting everything and testing it all.

    I'm a bit sad about this too. I liked having the Steam overlay working with SWG.

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  • Do I have to use the new launcher, or could I download an older version and install all of the files through it? Or is each version of the server done through the client as well?

  • That defeats the purpose of having the Steam overlay, while you play the game...
    So far from what I've tried the new launcher doesn't seem to work with steam, and for all I know, it's simply due to the game not launching when you select "Close after Launch" (Steam detects the launcher closeing and attaches the overlay to the progam being launched) however, it (the launcher) probably has to stay open anyway for the new UDP forwarder to work, so you won't be able to connect if it closes anyway (I think).

    And even running the launcher and then forcing steam to launch the client as the launcher, won't let you connect to PSWG... So, out of options at this point.

    I'm probably going to have to take that guide off steam anyway, it's outdated and needs to be rewritten.

    So basically, as Undercova, stated. just follow standard PSWG installation instructions, for now.

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