Installation guide ?

  • I've been here to the forums before looking for a guide somewhere on how to get started. Am I overlooking it? Because I don't see anything that says "You need X, Y and Z. You do this with X. You do that with Y. Z goes over here. Now you can play."

    I have the original SWG files installed. I downloaded the new exe tonight and tried to run a set up. I pointed it at my swg installation folder. I told it where I wanted it to put the project swg folder. It just tells me that the update failed when I hit the update button and the scan button shows the message 5887.37 MB required. I'm sure there are many things I am missing but without some sort of guide to follow, I'm not sure what I'm doing because none of this is intuitive for me. My husband is the techie but he's too busy playing his own games to try and do this for me, so I'm on my own.

    So if there is a guide somewhere, could someone point it out to me since I apparently do not see it on my own. Much appreciated.

  • Just a brief run down before I go to bed.

    1) Have fresh install of SWG installed onto your computer.
    2) Download and install the launcher into its own folder (Usually C:\\Program Files(x86)\ProjectSWG)
    3) Open the launcher, if it doesnt automatically scan and start downloading check the next step.
    4) Go to settings button and go to 'Update Server', make sure your 'Installation Folder' section is directing to your PSWG folder like so:

    5) Then push scan and it should scan and download the needed files.

    Let me know if that resolves the problem.


  • Hm, okay. I will have to fish up my original cds for the fresh install then. The last install I have is from when I was playing the pre CU version. I will give that a go, thanks muchly for responding.

  • did you run ProjectSWG launcher as an admin?, i'm assuming that you have windows 8 or better

    just right click ProjectSWG launcher exe, then select run as administrator

    not sure if this will help, sorry if it doesnt

  • I have been away for a bit and have been doing a clean install, and was having the same issue with the installation. The advice about running as admin has initiated the downloading in windows 10. I will update once the updates have finished, but pre-emtively, thanks for the good info, although I am a little annoyed at myself for missing that subtlety!

    Update: Worked a treat! Thanks.

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  • Its up and running now, thank you all for the input. After I went to bed, my husband got out our CDs and did a fresh install, then set it up and got it running for me. Huzzah!