Mount Phoenix Imperials (MPI)

  • Hey just leaving this here to be updated to a proper recruitment post later but MPI (from Flurry) will be participating when this game goes live! ;)
    We are all looking forward to it and following the development closely as well as LOVING what we are seeing. :D

    If you wish to come hang out with us in TS or are from SWG MPI or a Flurry guild who remembers us and you are looking for a home when the game goes live shoot me a message on here or leave a comment below. I usually check this site at least once a day.

    (We currently are playing Archeage until this goes live since it is the closest thing we could find to SWG).

    -SeekyTheFox AKA Rucifel

  • nice to hear :)

    you know that you can create a guild here on forum ? check the tab GUILDS on left side


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