Things to do

  • Hey lads, a mate of mine has never played this game and it's been forever since I played it so i Told him I'd take him on a tour of the Galaxy. Any things that I should take him to specifically? Jabbas palace is already top of the list haha

  • The Emperor's retreat is cool if you're willing to walk. The Lake Retreat is nice too. Both are on Naboo.

    Coronet is pretty cool as far as urban environments go. The Mos Eisley Cantina of course. The Danthomir Quarantine zone, although technically inaccessible, is neat. Lots of places on Endor of course. You have so many to choose from! Have fun!

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  • Cheers for all the answers guys, I was thinking some of the Jedi temples and stuff like that of course. Are Point of interest waypoints working or will i have to try go from memory haha.

  • There's actually an issue where going to the POI tab in your datapad will cause your game to disconnect from the server.

    You could try activating the POIs via the planetary map (default key to bring up is V).


  • Quarantine Zone. Type /target undead and have examine it for seeing his dreams of being a Stormtrooper die.. literally.

    I'd also recommend Aurrilla, have fun running though. Imperial Base on Talus, run around Endor and see if you can find a Gorax!