• Honestly, I haven't played SWG since the official servers shut down, so I am operating at a bit of a loss. Nonetheless, I'd like to say hi to everyone and hope I figure out how to make this work ;-)


    I am having problems - one, is there a way to change the UI size as a whole? Second, the chars I rolled have no skills (and the connection is dropped fairly quickly)

    Aleksei "Zagadka" Garcia, Sari "Iskatel" Fuchs

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  • Ah, thanks, I figutered that might be the case.

    My problem is that when I set resolution to 1920x1080, the interface elements end up being very tiny.

    Aleksei "Zagadka" Garcia, Sari "Iskatel" Fuchs

  • Hey.

    I run at 1920X1080 resolution too but my interface size seems perfectly okay. Not sure what's happening there with you guys? I don't think I have done anything to change it's default size.


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  • Will get a screenie in a bit

    What is interesting is that you can resize the map element by dragging, but not other parts of SWG's famously user-friendly UI.

    Aleksei "Zagadka" Garcia, Sari "Iskatel" Fuchs

  • Welcome to the SWG emulation community!

    is there a way to change the UI size as a whole?

    I don't think you can do this without changing the resolution at which the game is played. Maybe some UI mod could do the trick. I am unaware if such a mod exists, though.

    the chars I rolled have no skills

    Combat abilities have not been implemented yet.

  • Same for me too, I'm running the same resolution and it fits the screen perfect.

    *Make sure your video card resolution and the resolution for your PC are the same. This has screwed up
    my screen before.

  • Welcome aboard! Not much to do but run around explore!

    Regardless, once the game goes live, you'll have a great time with other players.