• Did anyone else ruin their experience by playing on the TC far too much, for me i had a 90 for every prof on starsider and three different accounts and yet i just spammed TC for some weird reason young me liked to get freebies even though i already had most of the shit on my live toons.

  • Yes to this.

    I had a level 90 Commando and Officer on Chimera. But I lived on TC for some strange reason, completing collections, heroics and GCW Rank that I could have done on my mains, but choose to ignore.

    Granted I was a teenager at the time, I was more eager to get chapter updates and items before the main servers got them.

    That and I enjoyed spec'ing at will to whatever I so pleased, to me it cut down on the Legacy and grind to 90 really..

  • I personally found the journey more appealing than the destination. Me and my best friend opened another account each just to grind again...


  • Honestly I found it to be more enjoyable on a live server than the TC. The road to level 90 for me was long, but memorable, it allowed me to spend time with others who had the same goal and have fun along the way, and once I got to that milestone, there was still more to do. I actually tried the TC at one point and was immediately turned off by it. Just being given almost everything off the bat seemed boring and took away that feeling of accomplishment.

  • Look me up when we go live.... I hope to be grinding levels while I sleep.

    Legacy was Ok but I did it 5 times before I learned how to macro from others.

    Of course, it'll depend if macro grinding is disallowed.

    I still have all my old macros (hopefully) even the crafter grinding ones.