Any old Smugs remember their builds?

  • I came across this:

    It has kept me busy at nights coming back from work, trying to figure the "best" PvE Smuggler Build, either built for survival for Heroics, or soloing Dungeons (Kubaza Beetle Foreman YOU WILL BE MINE...) while running around dodging aoes.

    So, if there are any old Smugs on here show off your builds here. Whether they are PvP, PvE, Group Support whatever. Figured it create some conversation, and maybe swap some war stories?

    Also what the heck is Innate Armor? ?(

  • Innate armor will grant you additional armor stats on your character

    if you have 600 energy and 600 kinetic armor you will have given values in your character attributes screen. so even when you are wearing no armor ... you will ALWAYS have it on your toon. in case you wear an armor with 6k on it ... you will have 6.6k then :)

    i think commandos had up to 2k additional

  • Is it sad I always thought that in the 8 years I played SWG and even as I typed that message but second guessed myself? I figured as much. Thanks for clarification though.