Want to transfer all game files to new computer

  • I originally downloaded the game digitally back in 2010-2011; so I do not have any discs. I'm wondering if it's possible to move all the necessary game data to my new machine.

    If so, how would I go about doing this (where I should look, what I should copy, etc)

    Thank you.

  • If you have a flashdrive, or an SD Card, just copy and paste your entire Star Wars Galaxies folder to there. Then take it from the external device and put it on your new machine. It'll work fine, I've done it before numerous times and it still works with PSWG and all the other emulators. Hope this helps!

  • What I done was downloaded the discs to a 1tb external hd. If something happens to my computer and I need to scrap it or buy a new one I still have the game ready to play.

  • It looks like the biggest folder (~6.5 gigs) is the Sony Online Entertainment folder in ProgramData.

    Is that where everyone is seeing their game stored?

    Will I need to copy any of the other folders from AppData?

  • There are two folders on my comp; both in programme files(x86)

    1) called StarWarsGalaxies (which seems to have the main body of files like the data.tre)


    2) called Sony (which has subfolders station>Launchpad and a bunch of files in there.)

    I'm just guessing here, but maybe the folder with the sony station Launchpad is not used by PSWG?

    Hope that helps in some way.


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