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    For anyone coming across this - we did end up solving it. The gitignore file wasn't specific enough on which clientdata directory it was ignoring, so it was ignoring the one we needed as well as the one in the root of the project.

    Future commits should have this fixed

    Same result unfortunately.

    Project imports just fine, no errors -> Build project, the errors show up.

    Root cause looks like

    1. import com.projectswg.utility.clientdata.Converters;

    can't find clientdata in that directory - looking in my /src/utility/java/com.projectswg.utility directory, I'm not seeing a clientdata folder or class.

    Attaching SS for reference.

    I don't want to waste a bunch of your time, so if you've got other things to worry about, feel free to give me the boot

    I've tried just using the build menu to build the entire project, also tried building the holocore_utility module - they both come up with that same error. Also tried rebuilding the holocore module from the context menu right clicking on the project itself

    It's getting closer - only 2 errors now on build:

    Error:(3, 41) java: package com.projectswg.utility.clientdata does not exist

    Error:(8, 27) java: package Converters does not exist

    Mongodb installed, document added, imported into IntelliJ with the build.gradle file

    I replaced my clientdata folder in /holocore with yours

    Looks like there's a jar that I'm missing maybe that needs to be added to the build path? I've gotta run right now, so I'll do some more digging later - Thanks for all the help Obique

    Hey guys - I'd love to take a look at contributing a bit, but it looks like things have changed a lot.

    I was previously (2-3 years ago) able to get a dev environment up and running, local server, etc. but I'm having a hard time getting things going this time around.

    I've got the source pulled from bitbucket QA branch, TOC files extracted into the clientdata folder, submodules from git, Gradle installed..

    There doesn't seem to be any mention of a database anymore on any of the wiki pages I can find, but I did get the nge backup from the master branch and restore it into postgres - nge:nge, full privileges, etc.

    JDK 9

    Loading the project into Eclipse, it finds the holocore project and pswgcommon, but there are tons and tons of errors. Packages that look like they can't be imported, not able to find where they might be or how to get them installed into the project (mainly looks like maven packages? which I thought weren't used anymore because the project moved over to Gradle - me.joshlarson.jlcommon based packages mostly). I *do* have maven installed though. so even if they were maven packages, shouldn't they be able to be imported?

    Sorry for the long post, just finally getting some time from my normal projects and would love to help move this one along if possible.

    If anyone has any time to give me a quick rundown of what else might be needed when setting up the environment that's missing from the wiki, I'd really appreciate it.