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    Thanks for the heads up, fixed.

    Long term we have a solution to this happening, and I'll be sure to notify everyone on twitter and the forums when it's up. Until then, if I forget and something weird happens with passwords, please continue what you're doing and report it!

    My fork won't work without the latest forwarder. How often does that exception come up? It should be very rare, and only if you try to connect before Holocore begins booting completely (There's a race condition somewhere, the only side effect is a failed log in attempt). If you wait 10 seconds or so after Holocore starts it should work.

    It's possible this has to do with the connection.. although I'm curious if perhaps it's an issue with commands (especially combat commands) being queued too long. One way to test is if your ping goes up in the debug dialog, or if you were to talk a lot in chat (or tell yourself a lot, without any combat) without causing this issue.

    just used the standard Commando Focused Fire 3 with a level 40 Commando, I had been kiting it for a fair while before it actually killed me, I got DC'd, then died while DC'd, waited 30 mins for the clone to activate, went afk outside the clone facility at Nym's to do something came back and the toon was dead again with the kimogila stood over me

    When you say DC'd, do you mean crash?

    Just pushed another update (1.1.6) with some stability fixes for the forwarder (hidden part of the launcher that handles connections to Holocore).

    To tune the speed of zone in, the interval now represents a window of time (default is 1000ms). The maximum packets is the number of packets that can be sent within that window (default is 400). Since the client's buffer only holds 400 packets at a time, I suggest changing the interval to tune (mine is set to 800ms). An easier way to figure out whether or not you should increase or decrease the interval is by measuring how long it takes you to zone in.

    Let me know if there are any issues!

    I just uploaded version 1.1.3 of the Launcher, which should fix your issues. The defaults are a 20ms delay per packet window (called the interval), and 100 packets per window. These are safe defaults that should get you into the game no matter what. I have mine set to 30ms and 300 packets. If you start to experience weird disconnect/packet loss behavior I suggest keeping it at the defaults.

    If you want to tune your settings to the max, open up 'AppData\Roaming\.projectswg\launcher\log.txt' and as you modify the settings and restart the client, minimize the number of "Out of Order" logs that you see. I highly suggest keeping the interval at 20ms or higher, since that's the minimum ping that the client can handle. As you increase the packets per window, the interval should probably increase along with it--since it takes time for the client to process the additional packets.

    The Force Crystal at level 14 is definitely cause a inventory disconnect again. Reproduced it twice today.

    Can you share your computer specs? OS, CPU, and the year you got it (or if you know any specifics about your network card, that's really what I'm asking about).

    I'm curious if the Forwarder is too intense. It auto-adapts to your client, but perhaps it doesn't do a good enough job.

    Also, if you change your password make sure to wait a few minutes (at least 5) before logging on. It takes a little bit of time to sync the forum and password. To be sure your password isn't the problem, try keeping your password only alphanumeric (a-z, A-Z, and 0-9). Symbols sometimes mess up the forum's hashing mechanism

    Looks like you're able to connect just fine, and I can see your attempts on the server (both of you), but it insists you have the wrong user/pass. Like Undercova said, ensure you're typing in your username and password exactly how they are on the forums. Including uppercase/lowercase

    The issue ended up being about a very obscure issue in each player's awareness of objects. It was like a lottery for when you'd get the wide variety of symptoms. I was never able to reproduce the issue as you describe, no matter how hard I tried. Thankfully, Undercova found a completely different way to reproduce the bug (running around in Jabba's with a bunch of things going on) that I could reproduce reliably - which resulted in my character disappearing, rather than a disconnect.

    Ah, yea it isn't being imported as a gradle project. Try following these steps: (assuming you are using this screenshot as a starting point)

    • Go to C:\dev\holocore via cmd prompt, and execute "gradle wrapper"
      • This should create the necessary gradle files for IntelliJ
    • Remaining steps are in IntelliJ
    • File -> Close Project
      • This will close the current window and probably bring up a list of projects
    • Import Project
      • If a smaller window pops up from the previous step, there should be a button for this
      • If not, click File -> Open... (does the same thing)
    • Navigate to C:\dev\holocore in the file selection window that pops up from the previous step
    • Double click on build.gradle file
    • Click Open as Project
    • In the gradle import window that pops up next:
      • Select "Use auto-import"
      • Select "Use default gradle wrapper (recommended)"
        • This was created in the first step: "gradle wrapper"
      • Click Ok
    • Click 'Yes' to overwrite the project file

    Then you should be up and ready to go. This process is often required when things break.