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    Being a bit of an alt aholic which this game made me to be honest I was wondering if the same restriction of only 2 characters per server will be used on this Emulator? I was curious about this because I saw it mentioned one account per person.. Back when I was playing SWG I acctually had 4 active accounts so I could have 8 toons on the Eclipse server.

    Personally I had five accounts three were my wife's and two were mine.
    But personally I feel if you can prove you had X amount of accounts via disk or copy of download receipt
    they should allow you to have X amount of accounts is you can prove you had that many.
    But the players who keep saying it takes away never really had to deal with BM I mean I had resources stolen
    BM suits stolen crafting suits stolen all because I was forced to interact with others.
    Hell one guy who was on my Admin even screwed me out of all my incubators so no I really hope the Devs come up with away to
    have more accounts, if it's only gonna be 2 per account, for me one account with 5 characters per account with a one toon log in would be great for me.
    Because I could have my BM crafters and a BM medic.

    There were a form of invasions in space before the closure they were in Datooine Lok and Coronet systems.

    Well this was the first playable server in YEARS, I don't know wtf happened inside the team but it really suck to shut down the server when it was going pretty well, the economy started to be in place, ressources poped-up, firsts successfull heroics, +35, capped armors, and a FULLY fonctionnable JTL !!!

    I heard a rumor saying that Seefo sabotaged the server and the other two devs were going to say something about it and he just pulled the plug.

    OK how do you log in cause I've tried several times and several times they failed just constant loading.
    Also there is allot or reasons for peoples negativity just look at the drama crap that went on with reborn.
    Allot of people put allot of time in to that project and allot of donations just to have Seefo put his thumb
    in his mouth and go "they call me names", wait till he gets a real developer job I think he will will have a
    mental breakdown.

    But its been along time since I logged into PSWG servers so I don't know how far they have gotten and
    allot of other people are the same.
    Patients has never been my strongest suit just ask my wife SWG is the only game we liked to play together.